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The Conveniences of Mobile Pod Storage

by Sep 17, 2020

We did a quickfire comparison between stationary storage solutions and mobile pods. While stationary units do have uses, however, there’s no denying the numerous benefits offered by its mobile alternative. People have less time due to personal responsibilities, so flexibility for the modern age is a must. As such, we’re going to continue highlighting some of the advantages of using mobile pods over traditional storage options.

Benefits and Conveniences

The unit comes to you

It’s in the name – mobile. Pods arriving at your doorstep, be it for business or personal. Essentially, imagine a garage arriving on your front doorstep, dictated at a scheduled time of your convenience. Professional crews bring it along too, so there’s no need to splurge for gas or a vehicle to take the pod.

From there, a renter can put whatever they need in the pod. Depending on time needs, such as for a location transition, move, or business, this is extremely valuable. 

It’s a flexible option

There’s no denying that a mobile pod works in and around your schedule. Traditional options may only have certain hours of availability. Or, the fact they’re in one location might interfere with moving plans.

But a mobile pod simply gives you options – from where you need it, when, how large, and how many. This opens up the kind of inventory you can put away, as some stationary solutions only allow certain type of storage. Anything from machinery and equipment to family belongings can go in a storage pod.

Your belongings stay with you

No doubt, the fear of anyone is simply having their belonging somewhere else. Stationary storage facilities are generally secure, but what about potential disasters? Storms and fires are a possibility, and in very rare cases, theft.

Ignoring all that, having your inventory in close proximity is comforting. If you’re a business stowing away high-value property, even more so. Additionally, you can access it any time, even those early hours where a storage location may be closed.

Varied sizes for varied needs

Remember, mobile pods don’t have one size. They come in variable options, which can work for different reasons. Traditional storage options don’t have this. What happens if you need more space – or – need more rental units? You may be limited with the amount leased going with regular vendors, so there’s no guarantee a rental option will cover you.

This option is helpful for businesses (especially smaller ones) that don’t always have the location real estate to handle their inventory concerns.

On top of all this, pods are handled by accessible, professional crew who can save you time and money. As long as you’re in the appropriate service area, there’s no limit to what storage pods can do for you.

If you’d like additional information on mobile storage pods or want to inquire about services, contact Mobile Attic today.