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The Mobile Attic: A Family Owned Company Committed To Serving South Carolina

by Dec 30, 2020

We are living in a time of great uncertainty. It feels as if every moment something new comes out of the shadows and takes us by surprise. 2020 has been a year where nothing is really surprising anymore. Stories that would have garnered national attention a little more than a year ago are now being overshadowed by even bigger stories, events, and catastrophes that continue to pile upon one another. 

2020 has been a year of uncertainty with many people tending to fear their next day of life, rather than being excited for it. But at The Mobile Attic Moving and Storage, we know that when people are at their lowest lows, they have the greatest potential to rise up and succeed beyond others wildest expectations. 


At The Mobile Attic, we choose not to live in fear, but in hope; hope that the next day will be greater than the last. Hope that our services can benefit one more person on this day than they did on the last. We know what 2020 is and what monstrous nightmares it has unleashed upon the world, but we firmly believe that as people of the shining state of South Carolina, we must persevere. We must transform our fearfulness into hopefulness. We must use our resources to help our fellow man. We must take pride in our communities, take pride in our people, and take pride in what we have to share. 

The Mobile Attic is committed to serving our fellow South Carolinians. 

These days are quite dreary, but we recognize that in order to appreciate the greatest of days, we must first understand the worst of days. At Mobile Attic are well aware of the hardships of 2020 and the hardships of years past. We began as one man with a dream. A dream to serve his community in the best way that he possibly could. He dreamed of a day when he could proudly proclaim that The Mobile Attic was helping all of the wonderful people around him. The start of The Mobile Attic was not easy, but neither is the start of anything worth doing.