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The Mobile Attic Portable Storage Is Here To Help

by Jan 12, 2021

Fear. Amidst these tumultuous times, it is an emotion that every one of us is experiencing in our own unique ways. And we at The Mobile Attic Moving and Storage understand what many of you are going through currently because we too are experiencing it. We are living in very scary times and we want to assure you that we will always be on your side.


Whether it be a lost job, an abandoned home, or God forbid, a lost life, this pandemic has ripped us all apart. But we want you to know that even in the times where it might seem like the world could tear apart at any moment, we will be here for you.  


We will fight with you and fight for you just as we have done in years past. When the ravenous waves and winds of Hurricane Matthew struck the shores of our great state of South Carolina, we put our entire focus on helping you rebuild by keeping your belongings safe in storage as the recovery process began. 


When floods swept your streets and tore apart your neighborhoods, we at The Mobile Attic rushed in to help you salvage your precious belongings.

When furious fires attacked your homes and businesses, we at The Mobile Attic were there to assist you in your great time of need.

When raging tornadoes trampled across your land and threatened your livelihoods, we at The Mobile Attic were there to lend a helping hand as you pick up the pieces.

When vicious rain storms caused leaking in your homes, we at The Mobile Attic were there to quickly salvage what we could from the mess that had unfolded.

When you lose valuable storage space thanks to a threatening disaster, we at The Mobile Attic have your back.


Through our statewide network of local drivers, and with our inventory of sturdy, secure portable storage pods, we have the resources to quickly deploy help when and where you need it most.


Now, in the midst of one of greatest pandemics the world has ever known, we at The Mobile Attic are once again here to give you our full assistance in any matter that might let us fulfill your moving and storage needs.  Everyone has been hurt in some way by the great pandemic, but at Mobile Attic, we feel that it is our duty to assist as many people as possible in any way that we can and it just so happens that we can help. 


We will not let the pandemic win and we will not let it continue to hurt the livelihoods of the great people of South Carolina. We will be there for you in this desperate time because we are truly in this together, united in our pursuit of safety for ourselves, our loved ones, and the many belongings we hold dear.