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The Move of the Future

by Feb 7, 2018

Mobile Attic is proud to say that the moving truck is on its way out! It’s classic and nostalgic, so it sticks around some, but the investment (in time and money) towers over portable storage. We have helped thousands of customers come to this realization in South Carolina. When it comes to new things, you may not know what to look for. Fortunately, Mobile Attic wants to help the present and future movers of the world!

If you’re thinking portable storage, keep these questions in mind!

  • Container construction is important. Some companies have containers made from a tarp, while others trust plywood to keep your belongings safe. Some containers still are better suited for hauling Samsung screens across the Atlantic. Especially in South Carolina, look for a container that reduces wood (so there is nothing to retain moisture).
  • The materials used to make the unit are important for security as well. Look for a container that is not only durable, but also has a few security measures in place.
  • What does the top of the unit look like? This is a strange question that you may not think to ask, but many companies use transparent tops to allow light to pass through. The advantage here is additional light, but it can also lead to bleaching. The best way to combat the South Carolina sun is with a reflective top. This keeps the sun out and your belongings every color except a bleached yellow (unless that is your style, of course).
  • Ask if the container is placed on blocks when it’s delivered. The advantage here is the air flow, keeping the unit from sitting in a pool of water if it rains. Additionally, this will keep the container from resting flat on your property.
  • As you would with a traditional unit, ask about leak inspections. The process behind a unit’s upkeep is important and will give you better insight into the company. You may find peace of mind discovering that the company checks containers regularly.
  • Ask about hidden fees, or additional storage costs. Some of the bigger guys get into the habit of delivering pointless fees that beef up their bottom line. They may even charge you a higher rate to store at their facility. Fortunately, Mobile Attic is transparent and won’t surprise you with an unfair bill.
  • Make sure to ask about special pricing or discounts; it certainly couldn’t hurt! Many storage companies will offer seasonal discounts to customers, so make sure you capitalize. Mobile Attic has a lowest price guarantee, so if you find a competitor that quotes lower, we’ll match it and beat it by 5%.

Just a short list to get you thinking in the right direction. Now you’ll be better educated so you can navigate the exciting world of portable storage!