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The Unconventional Container Part 2

by Dec 9, 2016

The portable storage unit is commonly used for two things: moving (of course) and for onsite storage. I wanted to go a bit deeper and find some unconventional uses for the container, which would require a small visit to none other than my father. A few weeks back, he rented a portable storage container to declutter and he has been letting it sit in the driveway until his month is up. I received a phone call from him one afternoon where, after he read my previous entry about unconventional container uses, he explained that he had an interesting and groundbreaking (my words, not his) alternate use for my favorite aluminum box. Additionally, he said we would be participating in some good ole’ holiday traditions. I couldn’t resist the possibility of eating cookies and eating candy canes (I guess a lot of those traditions involve eating things), so I accepted my father’s invitation without hesitating and I drove over to Lexington. I busted into the house, slinging the door wide open while letting a huge pillar of light fill the living room. My young brother and step-mother looked up dazed at my sudden arrival. After a moment of silence (and after soaking in the aura of the Christmas decorations) I said, “it’s not feeling like Christmas yet, but you bet your green and red it will.”

Mobile Gingerbread-Attics

                The first activity we decided on was a test of my architectural design skills (minimal), my baking skills (minimal), and my execution and constructions skills (non-existent). Luckily, everything related to the gingerbread house was baked well before and the candy was organized on the table, plus there were instructions in the box, so it seemed I could get away without failing this test. I decided to have fun instead of making it a competition, mostly because my little brother was making a 3-story mansion. I looked over at my sad, mushy gingerbread hut and decided I should just translate my skills in real life into the gingerbread world, so I turn to my brother. “I could probably get you 3 storage containers for the price of 6 gumdrops per month. Trip fees are about 15 sprinkles total.” He nodded his head and I got to work making miniaturized 19’ containers for his gingerbread family (who want to declutter the mounds of icing that have accumulated in their living room). They were loyal customers for 3 months. I made a killing in gumdrops.

All the Animation

We all settled down and grabbed a mug of coffee before gathering in the living room for some holiday movie favorites. Our eyes and brains were bombarded by the bearded man himself, bright-red glowing noses, and stop-motion Claymation that makes you gaze in the sheer man-power, concentration and patience that the animators seem to possess. It was nice to take my mind off things for a while and relax, and it seemed the rest of my family was following suit. I collapsed into my sweater and the quilt that was covering me. It puzzled me that Santa was so content using some old burlap sack to carry all those presents. Surely, in the modern world, children’s tastes are much more expensive and flashy and power by electricity. An old burlap sack just won’t do. Think about the iPads that could get crushed (apparently, the North Pole has permission to produce apple products) and the Air Jordan’s that may arrive with a crease (they have a partnership with Michael Jordan as well). I decided that the best way for Santa to transport all the presents would be a Mobile Attic Portable Storage unit, so I went on the internet, found Santa’s email, and sent him a quote at a discounted rate. I explained that the trip fees may be high, because it’s going to the North Pole, but he would be satisfied with the convenience. I am still waiting to hear back.

The Unveiling

As the night was coming to an end, my father led me outside to show me what he was talking about when he first called me. Stuffing my hands in my jacket pocket to resist the cold, I looked around and saw nothing particularly odd. Just the storage container sitting in the driveway. I guess my father saw the confused look on my face and gestured toward it. When I approached the container, there was a bright red bow on the disc lock. My father slowly handed me the key and I opened it eagerly. Inside was a brand-new bike and a collection of boxes that no doubt hid other presents. The unconventional container use combined two of my favorite things, the Mobile Attic Portable Storage Unit and the holidays. I celebrated and shouted that Santa DID receive that message that I sent him. I hugged my father and began to unwrap more of the presents. For just a moment, I could see a magic twinkle in my dad’s eye and a faint “ho, ho, ho” in the distance.