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Things to Do in Greenville, SC

by Apr 24, 2019


We at Mobile Attic have a lot of affection for our state, from its rich history to scenic nature views. That’s why we encourage you to visit Greenville, a beautiful region often overlooked because of its more popular counterpart, Charleston. But don’t miss out! Greenville is full of luscious environments and stunning flora, a place to get in touch with nature and the arts. If you need some suggestions, however, here’s a cheat sheet to help.

County Museum of Art

History is a massive part of South Carolina, and Greenville is no stranger to it either. So, start your exploration by visiting the Museum of Art, which already makes its mark by hosting Andrew Wyeth’s watercolor paintings. Other artwork showcases the vibrant, colorful, and painful history of the American South.

Dark Corner Distillery

If nothing else, Dark Corner makes it on our recommendation for its age. 175 years ago (give or take) it was founded with a single purpose: produce alcohol. Specifically, moonshine. It’s safe to say this tradition hasn’t gone anywhere, so if you want a literal taste of history, it’s a place to check out.

Falls Park

Hard to talk about the beauty of Greenville without mentioning Falls Park, a scenic location filled with trails, forests, and hills. This is a fantastic location for an outing, from picnics to hikes, loaded with amazing imagery like gushing waterfalls and gurgling creeks. Like a lot of things in South Carolina, it really is a must-see location.

The Peace Center

Have an affinity for the arts? Greenville is rife with local talent and appreciation. You can find your own sense of wonderment at the Peace Theater, where shows and plays are a common event. Everything from local orchestras to bands play here, and the seating is fantastic regardless of where you are.

Roper Mountain Science Theater

Hey, it’s not all just parks and places of history! Both for education and enhancing the public’s understanding of science, the theater has a host of things to do and appreciate. Its local butterfly farm and observatory are just a few of the attractions, and you’ll leave with a better understanding of how things work.


This restaurant was founded from the skeleton of a long-gone cotton mill, repurposed to serve you delicious local cuisine. Enjoy culinary delights as you warm yourself to an in-building fireplace; it’s truly one of the most unique ways to chow down.

Greenville Zoo

Nothing tops off a day better than seeing exotic wildlife, so why not head to Greenville’s Zoo to see what’s in store? There’s no shortage of amazing animals here. Animals like African giraffes and lions are mixed in with exotic reptiles. Great for the family or just a one-off visit.

These are only a fraction of the things you can do in the great town of Greenville, but if you need ideas, we hope our list helps you. If you’re thinking about visiting Greenville, or better yet, moving, let us help! We’d love to have you over at Mobile Attic.