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Things to Know When Moving to Charleston, SC

by Apr 12, 2019

So, you’ve made the big decision to move – and luck you! You’ve chosen one of the loveliest cities on the near the eastern coast: Charleston, SC. A temperate, history-rich city welcomes all new neighbors with open arms. But of course, before any major move (or maybe you’re still considering) there are always some things to learn. These interesting tidbits will give you an idea of what to expect in your new home city!

1 – Rich With History

Charleston has been around since the Civil War and has existed for over three hundred years. That means it’s got a lot of history to sort through, a living artifact from times long gone. For Sumter, for instance, is where said Civil War began, and much of the stone and ironwork are centuries old too.

2 – A Strong Economy

As with any move, it’s easy to get cold feet if you’re not sure where you land. In other words, how’s the job market, education, and potential prospects? Pretty darn good. Growth is common, especially for younger millennial generations who set up shop for either employment or education prospects. Port jobs are huge – ranking in the top ten out of the entire US, and there are opportunities for military careers as well with the Citadel. Much like the clear sky, moving to Charleston promises a bright future.

3 – Glorious Weather

To say Charleston weather is “picturesque” is underselling it. Temperatures rarely fall into either extreme of hot or cold, and when they do, it’s hardly a concern. Accompanying the lovely days of warm sun, there are numerous parks to hike around in. Or, visit one of the many beaches or isles – just do your best to avoid the crowds!

4 – It’s Rated Well

People consider Charleston one of the friendliest places in the United States. That makes sense, as it’s a melting pot of diverse backgrounds and southern kindness. People raise families in the safety of Charleston and with such a dense focus on community, folks are quite nice to one another. And why wouldn’t they be? With the reasons we’ve listed so far, there are lots of reasons to smile!

5 – Plenty to Do, Plenty to See

If beaches and parks aren’t your fancies, you can always haul into the ocean with a boat. Or, again, visit one of the numerous parks available – or heck, take a walk down the scenic streets of late Charleston. There are plenty of restaurants and bars too for that local cuisine touch, and you can bet big events are hosted during the holidays or other special times of the year. In other words, while Charleston is peaceful, you can always find something to do!

We hope to see you down in Charleston. It’s a beautiful, old city with lots to offer. If you’re having trouble with the move, or want additional assistance when packing property, you can visit us at Mobile Attic for convenient pod storage service.


-Douglas James