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Things to Remember When Moving Heavy Objects

by Feb 14, 2020

Mobile Attic is committed to providing you a safe moving experience, and we’d like to share some information on how to move heavy objects during a move. In an ideal scenario, heavy furniture is managed by a moving team or multiple people. But, in the circumstances this isn’t an option, you must practice personal safety at all times. 

Get a friend or family member to assist you when moving heavy inventory, and never move something that could potentially cause you individual harm. With that said, keep the following in mind:

1 – Legs, not back

It bears worth repeating, always lift with your legs. When pulling objects up it’s easy to use incorrect posture when lifting, and this causes serious risk to your spine. Your legs are designed for lifting, so put the pressure on them.

For this process, squat down, find a solid grip, and push upward with your legs. Don’t lean over and pull up an object – this is what causes harm to the back.

2 – Check Openings and Exits

Before you pull up your sleeves and prepare to go Hulk Hogan on the heavy items, make sure they’ll fit through your door openings. This is literally the last place you want to struggle with a heavy, cumbersome object and what increases risk to yourself. Worse, objects can sustain damage or scrape the interior if they’re forced through places they don’t fit. Essentially, look before you leap.

3 – Protect Everything

As you shift bigger objects around, you won’t want to scrape the walls or floor. The same goes for the object in question, such as furniture. Your safety comes first, but once you feel comfortable moving a large furnishing (or otherwise), consider wrapping in protective material. Anything can work so long as it’s soft and avoids bumping into the sides of buildings, reducing the risk of scrapes (or otherwise).

4 – Push over Pull

Pushing is far better than pulling and strains your body less, while also reducing risk you scratch carpet or wood floors. If you can, find ways to push objects instead of pulling them. You can make this process easier by setting down slick material (like damp towels) to help move something along.

5 – Use Tools

It’s obvious but recommended. There are a variety of tools at your disposal for moving, especially helpful if you’re transporting things on your own.

Lifting straps, utility dolly, and stair rollers are just a few examples of the different resources you have and can make a hassle of a move that much easier. 

Still have trouble? You can also try external storage options. Mobile Attic offers storage pods which can come directly to your place of residence or business. Crews will carry on all items as needed and transport them to your location of choice.

You can visit Mobile Attic for more information.