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Time Saving Tips Before a Big Move

by Feb 20, 2020

Moving into a new home is a stressful endeavor, and one of the challenges involved is time management. With busy schedules, full time work, and general life stuff, having enough hours to transition can prove difficult. While there’s no easy way around it, if you’re planning a move in the future, Mobile Attic has some time management tips to help.

Pack Early

One of the easiest ways to cut down on moving time is to pack nice and early. If possible, months in advance. There are various reasons for this:

  • If you lease with an apartment, you have a limited window for move out dates and most offices have set timetables.
  • You might encounter unexpected complications during the move when transitioning such as difficulty moving certain objects.
  • Packing items in sequence makes the overall process easier and less stressful.

Obviously, packing does require time and labor, but doing it over time, bit by bit and room by room will cut down on hours spent packing in a rush.

Plan a Path

If you’re moving with a rental or your own vehicle, it’s a good idea to find the fastest possible route to your new destination. That doesn’t always mean shortest, either, a low traffic path can obviously be the better choice if the roads you travel are hot spots for traffic.

Depending on how far you have to travel, the more prepared you’ll want to be. Traffic is a big-time waster and only adds to hours spent when you need to make multiple back and forth trips.

Transition Early

If possible, move your items to the new location as early as you can. This isn’t always possible, especially with landlord/apartment situations. But, moving your items to the new location ahead of time can, at least, save you some hours of work you may not have. 

Set Aside Move Dates

It sounds obvious, but having a dedicated moving day is the best way to save on time and make sure you have enough. Ask in advance for time off (the sooner the better given how certain work environments can be) and inform the necessary parties when you plan to move. Mostly, this is done on weekends, but the time frame that works best for you is what you should choose.

Try for Weekdays

Weekdays may not sound like the ideal moving time frame, but depending on the hour, many are at work (especially during mornings). If you can find the day, try making big moves on a weekday when there’s low traffic and most are at work. However, it’s not recommended to transition during the evening when most are returning home.

There’s no foolproof method when transitioning to a new place, and time is always an unpredictable factor. However, with the tips we’ve listed, you should reduce your overall stress and make the move that much easier.

If you need additional help, consider investing in a mobile storage pod. You can find out more at Mobile Attic.