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Time to move again? Take advantage with a mobile pod!

by Aug 3, 2021

Time to move again? Take advantage with a mobile pod!


Granted, things aren’t quite the same, but many are getting back to a sense of normalcy and routine and taking steps to the life we had pre-pandemic. That means some are commencing with plans, and some of those plans include moving. We’ve talked routinely about the stress of moving and all the hurdles it involves, but like we emphasize at Mobile Attic, you’ve got a secret strategy: mobile storage pods!

By now, you have a grasp on the advantages offered with mobile storage pods. But if not, here’s a quick rundown. Some of the major benefits when using mobile pods are:

  • Convenience and mobility, having storage pods travel to and from locations of choice
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Using multiple pods at once of varying sizes to suit virtually any storage need
  • Reliance on secure and protective containers against weather, theft, and other concerns
  • Saves on time and gas by reducing travel needed for storage
  • Greatly expands ease of access and safety by cutting down on foot traffic

Sounds good already, right? But mobile pods are like a tool, and with any tool, you want to use them to their utmost effectiveness. Therefore, if you’re moving, we’ll provide some handy tips and ideas to make any transition much easier.

Get a friend and plan ahead

Most moves involve a lot of time and prep work. Since a mobile pod is a storage space, you want to move boxes and property into them. However, this can take some time depending on the amount and variety. So plan ahead and spend hours getting things packed before the big day. As early as possible is preferable (think weeks, even months).

Still too hard? Don’t be afraid to ask a friend. With the right compensation they can help you get things packed and ready to go.


But while you’re packing, be sure to organize belongings in easily accessible containers. Put things away you won’t need first. Label boxes and packaging as needed to prevent clutter and build up. For example, if you have a box for fragile dish wear, you wouldn’t want to pile it under heavy objects. It’s also why a mobile storage pod is great for this, because organizing with a storage unit is vastly easier than traditional options. 

Remain safe

In both physical and health, prioritize safety first. It’s why mobile pods are so handy since you have less travel time between you and the pod. But also, even beyond the pandemic, practice healthy strategies and cleanliness.  

You’ll also want to consider what objects and/or inventory is heavy that you may need help with. Never lift objects that are designed for two people or serious personal harm can occur.

Remember all this, and with mobile pods your next move will be better than ever!

If you like the sound of a mobile pod, you can contact Mobile Attic today for additional information.