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Tips for Big Moves

by Jan 23, 2020

Moves are already an ordeal with their own various complications. The more distance you need to travel, the more things you must take into account – and often, the pricier it is. You can imagine the headache, then, of moving across state. 

Mobile Attic is committed to making your moves easier. So, we’ve assembled some tips to help you with your large move. 

Step 1: Plan Ahead

The best thing to do before any major move is to plan it out. This should cover everything you can think of and consider important. Location, time of arrival, estimated costs of travel (such as moving and/or gas), how you’ll move things, etc. You want to at least have a general idea of what you’ll do and how you’ll handle it. The earlier you do this, the better.

Step 2: Pack in Phases 

Just like planning ahead, packing early and in steps will help reduce headaches. If you’re not looking forward to “putting away” a whole house, do a bit at a time. Make sure you back things you don’t need and leave out essentials until it’s time to move. You don’t want to deal with inconveniences, especially for interstate travel.

Step 3: Organize and Label

When preparing boxes, label your packaging carefully. Throwing everything together in a messy pile only makes the process longer and problematic. Plus, you run risk of damaging inventory if it’s sloppy thrown together. Travel shifts objects around, so the last thing you want are items bumping into other objects.

Step 4: Inspect the Property

If you’re able, look at the property you’re moving to. If it’s a purchased home, make sure everything is to your standards (pest control, paint, carpeting). Make sure utilities are set up on the assigned move in date too. 

Step 5: Estimate Travel/Cost Times

If you’re travelling a long distance, estimate how much time is needed for the trip and the cost of gas. However, for interstate travel you may also need to include things like transportation (if you’re using movers) and plane tickets. For this reason, we recommend trying to move around times of the year where moving isn’t common (like the autumn or winter) to help reduce costs.

Optional Step: Movers

Mobile Attic also recommends external pods and mobile pods if you’re within a service area. Mobile pods come to your location of choice and can transport items to where you plan to move. This cuts down on gas and labor, since crews are equipped with the means to move things for you.

Moves are a big task and require a great deal of time and effort but planning for them allows you to cut back on time and money, reducing headaches. Hopefully, your tips assist in getting you ready.

You can also learn about our external storage pods and how they can aid you. You can learn more by visiting Mobile Attic today.