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Tips for Cold Weather Storage

by Dec 11, 2019

Organizing your personal property into safe containers is a task in itself, but it gets complicated when you throw weather into the mix. Colder temperatures provide a range of challenges, and depending on what you’re storing away, can cause unintended damage. So, Mobile Attic has a few storage tips for the colder seasons!

What you store will decide the method, but, you can’t go wrong with the ideas below.

1 – Insulate with Wool, Towels, or Blankets

Whatever item you’re packing (aside from electronics to avoid static) wrapping them in layers of blankets or similar – preferably wool – is a great way to keep them safe from creeping cold temperatures. This is especially important for fragile items. Anything brittle or small can crack when overexposed to freezing weather.

2 – Keep Electronics Protected

Depending on what you’re storing, electric items need extra protection. Keep them away from windows or areas where cold air seeps into your living space. Additionally, keep them away from places where they can lose heat. Most electronics don’t store heat well, so putting them in containers is a good bet, elevated from floors.

3 – Use Packing Supplies

Got spare packing peanuts or similar? Try those for holiday specific items, like decorations. This, naturally, provides cushioning for fragile objects and will be useful if you need to move around your containers frequently. When it’s the cold, you’ll likely be doing that more often. You don’t want to break anything without realizing it!

4 – Put Away Tools and Equipment

Though you might feel your outdoor tools and equipment (for gardening or otherwise) are safe during the cold season, they can accumulate damage and rust. If you have covers, use them. If you can place it in sheds or storage, even better! This is a good idea too if you’re a business that utilizes gardening equipment.

If you really need help, Mobile Attic offers storage pod in stainless steel units which can shield your utilities from even the harshest conditions. This is also helpful if you have difficulty transforming said equipment on or off location.

5 – Use Plastic Containers

For organization and storage, put away your valuables in durable plastic. During the colder seasons, pests will attempt to get inside your home and may nest in cardboard or paper storage. Plastic will avoid this, keep your items safe, and discourage pests from making a home in your storage. 

7 – Clean Items

Before you put anything away for cold, make sure it’s clean of residue, especially food debris. Debris will attract troublesome pests who will look for ways to get into your home for warmer climates. Food particles is just icing on the cake, giving them a feast why they nestle into your items.

These quick tips will keep your itinerary protected for the colder days. Of course, you can always look to storage pods by Mobile Attic for external, convenient space.

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