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Tips for Staying Cool for Summer Moving

by Jun 14, 2022

Tips for Staying Cool for Summer Moving

Summer’s here again, meaning longer, sunnier days and pleasant walks on the beach. It also means hot, muggy weather, depending on where you live. It’s the kind of heat that sticks, and if you have to move, your worst enemy.

Moving on its own is already a physically demanding process, so the heat only adds to that. But it’s not only a matter of comfort. Dehydration is a real risk and overheating can absolutely happen. Mobile Attic always wants your move to go off without a hitch, so here’s a few things you can do to stay cool when moving in the summer.

1 – Stay hydrated

Fundamentally one of the most important things is hydration. And not just water, either. Sports drinks contain vitamins you lose when you sweat, and if you’re moving during a hot summer day even more so. Always keep hydration handy and note any problematic symptoms if they occur, like feeling nauseous, fatigued, or lightheaded (stop if you experience any of those).

2 – Avoid over exposure to the sun

While you stay hydrated, it’s important to limit exposure to the sun if you’re moving. Generally if you make frequent trips in and out of the house you’ll want to keep out of the sunlight for extended periods. This can lead to sunburn and some of the symptoms we listed above. Find shade and take breaks, and always keep sunscreen on hand. Additionally, plan times to load/unload at cooler times of the day.

3 – Get help where possible

If you’ve got heavy furniture or items, get help from friends/family or services. Physical weight can exert you further when it’s hot and sunny, so it’s important to keep an eye on your health.

4 – Have protein centric snacks ready

For energy, water and sports drinks are good, but protein centric snacks like meat, cheese, and nuts will give you energy while you move. In the heat this is important because the body exerts itself hard to keep cool. And besides, having extra energy for a taxing process is never a bad thing.

5 – Use mobile pods

Mobile storage pods can cut out a lot of the labor and work involved with moving. You won’t have to expose yourself to high temperature days since expert staff can ship and transport your inventory. If you have the extra cash and want to worry less about a taxing move, consider pods.

6 – Know where to store things

By this we mean know what to store in high heat situations. Sensitive inventory like electronics shouldn’t be placed in direct heat and you should avoid putting metal in sunlight so you don’t burn yourself (yes, this can happen). On top of that, when parking your car or shipping vehicle, do so in shade to prevent the interior overheating.

We hope your summer is sunny and cool, but just in case these tips can help. If you’d like additional info on mobile pods and how they can help you, contact Mobile Attic today.