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Tips for Storing and Moving Art Supplies

by Mar 10, 2020

We at Mobile Attic talk a lot about the different ways you can move and store your things. But one category that often gets overlooked are hobbies, such as crafts and art. As any artist, trade person, or crafter can tell you, tools and materials are incredibly valuable. While some can be replaced, things like paint, for example, add up in cost. Therefore, they should be taken care of when stored or moved, just like anything else.

Mobile Attic is here to help with a few things to keep in mind when you’re moving or storing art supplies.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are a handy way to store supplies like brushes, since they’re ergonomic. The best part? You likely have some already. Before you toss out that pickle jar or jelly, consider washing it out and using it for brushes (or similar). This keeps things organized when you eventually move the brushes into other containers.

Avoid Unsafe Temperatures

Do you paint with acrylics or other water-based paint? It’s important to avoid sudden temperature shifts to preserve the integrity of the material. Dry air and cold can quickly ruin the water used to mix the paint and turn them into unusable chunks. There’s no pain quite as unique than opening up a plastic container only to find the pricey paint within is totally useless!

Invest in Organizers

The think about art-based hobbies is they create a lot of clutter. Even for digital artists, you likely have various supplies related to your medium of choice. Over time, it all builds up and it’s easy for small things to get lost. During a move? More than likely.

Try organizers or containers to keep your inventory in. For instance, plastic toolbox organizers are actually fantastic for hobby and craft. Say you use threads for sewing. The multiple spaces used for bolts and tools make a great surrogate for storing tiny clutter. 

Label Items

As a general rule, labelling your things is always a good idea, but especially for craft material. Not only does this help you find precisely what you’re looking for when working on projects, but makes storage easier too. You’ll know where you want to put certain things, so they don’t get lost in clutter.

Try Plastic Bins

Instead of cardboard boxes, consider plastic bins. Any size can work, and we mention this because plastic protects your craft material far better than cardboard. It’s also a great option to store finished projects, whereas plastic can attract pests and mold if left alone too long.

For everything else, take care where you put them and avoid clumping supplies together to cut down on messes and disorganization. After a move, you don’t want to spend time hunting things down. Or, organizing craft supplies just makes things that much easier.

If you’d like additional assistance on storage options like external pods, you can find out more at Mobile Attic.