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Top Tips for November Shopping

by Nov 26, 2019

Fall is here, meaning the days are colder, rainier, and filled to the brim with deals. As you stow away spooky decor and prepare yourself for a big banquet, you might be thinking about the wallet. Naturally, as the holiday season comes with quite the price tag if you try to go big.

But did you know there’s a way to save, especially if you’ve got a little patience? If you’re willing to consider the next set of holidays, you can save big this time around, especially with off-season merchandise.

Discounts to Look For

Holiday Candy

Do you have a sweet tooth that won’t be settled even after Halloween? Good news (mostly for your dentist). Stores are looking to clear out their extra inventory, so you can expect a robust set of sales for candy. Some go up to fifty percent off, depending on where you go. 

Halloween Decorations

Most stores are looking to get rid of their excess before putting Halloween items out for storage, which means prices, and anything left over are slashed. If you don’t want the hassle of finding spooky things for next year, grab some items now and store them away for next year. That way, you’ll cut back on stress and cost as you gear up for another spooky season.

Baking Supply Sales

Don’t forget that Thanksgiving is close by, so it’s important to cut costs where you can. IT may not seem like much, but when you’re splitting for expensive meat and other food items, everything adds up fast. Check for deals on seasonings or other things you might want to help keep the wallet from setting ablaze.

Educational Supplies

School’s in, but that doesn’t mean you or your kids won’t still need school supplies. You can generally find them on sale (or at a better price) since the first semester of class has been well underway. This is a good time to stock up on essentials like pencils, papers, binders, or whatever else you need.

What to NOT Get

Sometimes saving money is about not spending, and this is one of those times. Businesses may hike up prices on certain seasonal themed things, especially for the holiday crunch.

Winter Clothing

If you can, save this for post-holiday, such as around January. Though it’s trendy to get the latest in warm clothing, if you can help it, wait til afterward so you can make the most of the deals.


Oh boy do they love a big spender since you’re trying to make “the moment.” Jewelry might cost an arm and a leg, so be careful.


It’s very tempting to bury yourself in debt for the holiday, but be warned, expect electronics to be pricey too.

Over all, this Holiday season find a way to avoid burning the cash with our simple tips. Deals are your best friend, and if you have some patience, it goes a long way.