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Try a College Town for Affordable Living

by Apr 14, 2020

What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to a move? Time? Labor? Money? Most likely the latter. Because with money you can pick any location you want, hire movers, and have things taken care of your way. Unfortunately, most of us are always sweating some kind of budget. So, what if you’re trying to find affordable places to live in an area, which also has important commodities nearby (like grocery, medical and such)?

It sounds crazy, but try a college town. More specifically, an area that’s primarily aimed at student living. Now, this isn’t the case for every major area hosting a university or college, but believe it or not, college towns provide all sorts of affordable, accessible options that can benefit you too.

Okay, let’s get to affordable living first. The reason we say college town is because the apartment complexes must cater to the budget of students. That means rent costs are, in general, going to be fairly low. And guess what? Apartment companies know not everyone is a student and are often convenient spots for those living on the wire budget wise. They cut on costs often by pairing residents with roommates, in options of 2-4. If you’re comfortable with that, then hey, you can nab yourself places as cheap as $400 a month. Something else to sweeten the deal? Not only is it affordable living, utilities are included typically included too.

Once again, because a college town needs to have commodities available for students, their convenience is in mind. Important locations are usually within walking distance, food is affordable (or there are plenty of places to eat), and even medical provides are close by. We know that sounds like a no-brainer, but think about where a medical practice is in a city area and how far they are from you. In a college town, things are packed together. What benefits the student also benefits you.

Does this affordable living option come without its cons? Certainly not, of course. Volume and noise is a potential factor, and, living with a roommate or more is something to get used to. The place in question will be smaller, and you’ll encounter more traffic than usual. But, when you really need a place to be and are hurting for cash, college towns have some surprising benefits, and many apartment complexes are more than happy to accept non-student residents for a lease.

Compare this to traditional apartment options, where – depending on location – a one room apartment can easily start at $800-900. If you’re in a city? Expect that price to jump.

For those looking for a starting apartment or having trouble with income, college towns are an interesting place to check for affordable living options. Obviously, we hope the best for you and hope you find accommodations suiting your needs, but this is an alternative when options are limited.

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