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Try mobile pods when planning a move!

by Apr 30, 2021

A move is a big ordeal as you can imagine. Time, resources, and money are limited. Packing things up takes a while, you have a lot to organize, and typically have to transition in a short time frame. What a hassle!

But there’s a secret that can help relieve a lot of the stress involved. How so? Well, this time around I’m going to take a different approach, and explain how a mobile pod can help me with my own move!

The benefits for one

Who am I? That’s not too important. Doug James, the author of the blogs you typically read for Mobile Attic. A few years ago, I made a big move myself, and there were numerous ways a mobile pod would have benefited me. Hindsight is 20-20, but it puts things in perspective.

Space for all my belongings

I didn’t have a lot of travel resources at the time, so I had to leave behind a lot of personal belongings. A mobile pod, though, provides plenty of space, and you can get multiple ones if you really need it. Furthermore, the property I took with me would’ve been protected instead of squished in a single vehicle.

More planning and time

I had a very short time frame to move at a very specific hour. Worse yet, it was a gamble too. I needed travel assistance to get from one part of my state to another. If I didn’t find the person to help me, I’d be in a pickle. And of course, when you move to a new housing unit, you have a specific timeframe for it (or I did, at least).

Of course, I made it okay, but a mobile pod would’ve given me some solid time. Mobile pod services let you schedule transition times, and expert staff will be there when you need them.

Less stress involved

Mobile pod services are separate from travel. What I mean is, I could’ve organized my personal belongings to be taken to my location of choice while I could focus on myself and the move. That’s a good feeling, knowing that your items will be waiting for you when you move (or are on the way). I tell you, reducing any level of stress that day would’ve been good. It was a successful transition, but a move is a big deal, and you want that process to go as smoothly as possible.

Better spending

There are moving services out there, but they’re insanely expensive. While mobile pod services do have various price structures, they’re reasonable for your situation. Additionally, you can plan a budget for them rather than coming up with the money all at once.

My move was expensive, no way around it, but a mobile pod could’ve saved me some serious cash, and when you land somewhere new, every dollar helps.

So, the next time you’re thinking of a big transition, consider a mobile storage service. It’s a unique solution that provides a lot of options for an otherwise stressful situation.

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