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Try Mobile Storage When Selling a Home

by Nov 15, 2018

Few things are quite as stressful as planning a move. Loading inventory, scoping out the new place, familiarizing oneself with the surrounding location, and selling your old property are just a few challenges which need to be overcome.

It’s especially the case for the latter. Selling a house requires lots of legwork, from prepping the property to finding suitable buyers. How best then do you get a home ready for interested owners? Well, it’s all about presentation, from fresh coats of paint to replaced doors. Only problem is, as you start to pack your own things, you realize: you don’t have anywhere to put it! Nothing makes a selling property look more cramped and unattractive than clutter. This could lampoon deals or worse, kill the sale itself. So, how do you rectify this ominous issue? Well, Mobile Attic offers storage when selling a home.

The thing is, it’s challenging to get to storage facilities when selling a house. That takes time, gas, and multiple trips from where you live to the facility itself. Getting your house ready for sale is plenty exhausting enough, so why add to the stress? Why not have the storage come to you?

Mobile Attic does just that by sending storage pods to you. This greatly cuts down on workload, as you can prioritize what needs storing instead of making a mad scramble. There’s no need for a rental vehicle either, cutting down on costs associated with travel and gas. So, while you’re saving money, you can also look forward to better planning as you decide how much clutter should be put in storage.

The benefits to this are visible, literally. For one, de-cluttering a selling home makes it look nicer, but also helps it appear larger. Hard to appreciate that magnificent living room if several boxes are taking up the corners, right? This lets potential buyers inspect the property to their desire, as anything from a scratched door frame or loose tile might be enough to sway them out of a deal.

It also helps cut down on pests, who love clutter. Nothing tanks a deal faster than a wayward roach braving a bedroom stroll. Just as well, you don’t want any of them hitchhiking as you make your own move. If you’ve had problems with pests before, they tend to like small spaces with plenty of things to hide in – but mobile storage keeps those potential hiding spots out of the house (and away from you).

When selling a home, there’s a lot of stress going into every step of the process. Therefore, you want to cut down on as much as possible, especially when moving storage. Mobile storage can come to you and transport your items safely, ready for retrieval at any time. This gives you time to focus on getting a property ready for a sale, making your life just a bit easier. Consider mobile storage solutions if you think clutter will get in the way of selling a property.


-Douglas Jones