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Try These Travel Tips for Rainy Weather

by Jul 23, 2019

Feeling waterlogged? That’s normal during the summertime if you’re in a state or area which suffers from intense heat. As temperature and pressure changes, big storms are common. Aside from preventing the usual hazards such as damage from heavy winds or lighting, there are some other issues too.

If you’re planning or moving or hoping to travel, the last thing you need is deluged roads or delays caused by intense rain. Sometimes, though, it’s unavoidable. If you’ve got to make a transition through a storm or rainy day, we’ve tossed together some tips to help you on your journey. 

1 – Keep it Waterproof

Water can get everywhere and in everything. Normally, that’s not a problem, but during travel, it’s easy for itinerary and personal belongings to get exposure to rain. Therefore, we recommend protecting your inventory with waterproof material, depending on what it is. Electronics should avoid wetness at all costs. Don’t store sensitive items in cardboard boxes either, lest they get soggy. Instead, try plastic tubs and water-resistant packing material, just in case.

2 – Avoid Damaged Roads

Excess rain means excess water, which leads to puddles and mud. Damaged roads, then, morph into hazards, filled with deep potholes of water which act like miniature lakes. Nothing worse than damaging your vehicle splashing through a hole you didn’t see or splattering your tied-on belongings with a spray of water. Try to navigate the safest routes possible.

3 – Drive Careful

We don’t recommend hopping on a stormy road. But, if it’s something you can’t avoid (such as if you’re on the highway), drive slow. It doesn’t matter if this “bothers” other drives – it’s your safety on the line. Not only are roads slippery after it rains, but high winds and storms can also push vehicles around and blur vision. Heat can lead to fog and create visual hazards, so there’s no reason to rush.

This is especially the case if you’re pulling along sensitive or heavy equipment which can lose balance during a heavy storm (or sustain damage).

4 – Try Pods

If the rain just won’t let up, the Charleston area is serviced by Mobile Attic’s very own storage pods. These handy units can come to your place of residence or work for safe storage. The steel design means water won’t damage any of the store components, while it also can be transferred to a customer’s designated area (so long as it’s in service range).

5 – Travel by Day

Rain already creates visual problems, especially when it’s heavy. Therefore, driving at night isn’t recommended, as it’s much harder to see road hazards and other drivers in the dark. If the rain won’t let up, always play it safe, it’s never worth the risk.

Charleston can be a beautiful area, but a stormy one too. But, whether you’re here or trying to move during the rainy season, remember these tips to make your transition a safe and successful one.

If you have additional questions about mobile pod storage, reach out to us at Mobile Attic.


-Douglas James