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Unique Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

by Dec 17, 2021

Unique Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

We’re over halfway through December, Christmas is next week, and uh oh, you’re sweating the expenses. Worse, you don’t have many ideas this season for gifts. How is that possible, you wonder, shouldn’t you know? Well, the problem is lots of “nice” things are often quite expensive, like electronics, and right after the Thanksgiving holiday you might be low on cash. What’s worse, too, is getting something nice and only to have it forgotten about a couple weeks later.

But there’s something you can do this season for your loved ones to not only solve the gift problem, but make it meaningful, too. After all, who can turn down something you crafted just for them?

1 – Paint an Acrylic

Did you know that painting isn’t as hard as it sounds? Landscape paintings with water-based acrylics is a great way to learn both a neat new skill but make something beautiful for your loved ones. There are plenty of tutorials online that employ simple techniques for easy results. You don’t have to be a master!

If all else fails, you can consider commissioning art too! Your loved ones will appreciate it (or should!).

2 – Personalized Inventory

Think of something a loved one uses every day, and consider adding a custom touch to it! For example, a box for jewelry storage, a clothes hanger? If you’ve got the time and patience, you can delicately carve their name into it or make custom patterns to really give it a final, beautiful touch. The fact that you were willing to spend so much time on it for them is meaningful enough!

3 – Holiday Bookmarks

While many like to read on a kindle or tablet, there’s nothing quite like a traditional book, especially on cold winter nights. You can make that better by making custom bookmarks for your loved ones. All you need is a sheet of sturdy material and imagination. Heck, you can even put photographs or parables on them. Take it a step further with lamination and you’ve got yourself a quality addition to a loved one’s reading time.

4 – Insulated Gardens

It might be cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow a garden! Setting up micro-biomes isn’t as difficult as it sounds and can be a welcome gift to anyone for the holidays. These biomes are designed to be hospitable to plant life even in cold conditions (as long as kept indoors), so it’s a nice way to brighten up the season with a little green.

5 – Unique Ornaments

If you’ve got a few extra hobby supplies lying around, you can make ornaments for the holidays too! These can be personalized for each family member in their own special way, like using their favorite animal or putting their name on a frame.

Bonus – Portable Storage

It may seem counterintuitive, but portable storage pods are actually a great value! They provide a safe, secure place to store your belongings, gifts, cleaning supplies, pretty much anything. Be sure to contact Mobile Attic today so we can help you out!

Christmas is a busy time of year and it’s easy to feel the pressure. Sometimes it matters more when you make something from the heart, and we think these suggestions will help you this season!