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Unique Storage for Your Big Move

by Jul 31, 2018

It’s an exciting (and stressful) time when you’re planning to move. Lots of details to work out with plenty of unknowns lurking behind every corner. Whether you’re finally getting a place of your own or taking the whole house with you, a move promises to challenge you in ways you never expected.

One of the big ones is packing and storage. You no doubt have numerous things of varying shapes and sizes. Some are straightforward, like clothes, dishes, and tableware. Others maybe not so much. Those wooden figurines passed down by grandma, the weird clay sculpture you made in art, the sensitive electronics promising to fry at the slightest hint of static.

For your move, you need to get all those things in boxes too, right? Well, not exactly. The challenge behind moving isn’t just getting everything, it’s storing it safely. And unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of getting boxes together for their valuables. Be it budget, time, or other unfortunate circumstances, maybe you just don’t have all the things needed to store your things away.

So what do you do? Fortunately, there’s a few unique ways you can plan for storage. They aren’t perfect solutions, but answers all the same when you’re in a pinch.

Trash/Grocery Bags

That’s right, trash and grocery bags are surprisingly efficient at storing items when you need them too, especially soft stuff like clothing. In fact, bags can potentially make your move easier, since they adapt to whatever it is you’re putting in them. They’re good for when you’re in a rush and have no boxes to spare. Plus, they’re quite cheap and come in various sizes. Just remember the ones you’re using for a move!

Shoe Boxes/Misc Boxes

If you don’t have any packing boxes on hand for storage, shoe boxes are a decent alternative. They’re good for storing smaller items – like say, all of your silverware. You can also use boxes for purchased things you might have around. That case for a model car you built way back? It makes a marvelous alternative for storing cleaning items.

Plastic Containers

Happen to have a plastic tub lying about? These are solid alternatives to boxes, if applicable. Even if you can’t use the entire container strictly for packing, you can use it to protect what you already packed. They’re also resilient and sealable, so risk of damage is reduced should you have an accident.

Store Boxes

If budget and time don’t allow for getting “official” storage boxes, try for your local grocery. Banana boxes or shipping boxes are typically plentiful. In fact, at the end of the day, usually those storage boxes are unpacked, flattened, and sent to a compressor. Ask a retailer if you can have a few and bam! You’ve got a few huge boxes to work with.

Moving is a big event all on its own, so the last thing you want is to sweat the smaller details. Making sure your items are stored safely is just one item off the checklist for a successful move.


-Douglas James