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Using Mobile Pods for an Apartment Move

by Aug 17, 2021

Using Mobile Pods for an Apartment Move


At Mobile Attic we talk about moving a lot, and for good reason! Our business is convenient storage and transportation. But often it’s related to businesses or home spaces (like houses). Fact of the matter is, not everyone has the luxury of owning or paying into an expensive home. Apartments are more common, and all the moving stress that comes along with them.

But as always, we’ve put together some home-grown tips for apartment moving. You can also take advantage of a mobile pod for a move depending on your destination!

Tip 1: Know your dates

Most apartment complexes operate with a landlord or a leasing agency. The latter is a company that owns multiple apartments and are common for affordable/student living. When you move in, make sure you know your move in dates before anything (if applicable). Leasing agencies often rotate tenants every year, and set times for move ins for organization reasons.

Tip 2: Ask about space

A mobile pod is handy for moving supplies and belongings. But, clear it with the landlord/leasing agency beforehand. You need to make sure you have space for the pod to arrive at. Otherwise, you might indirectly block traffic or create other complications.

Tip 3: Organize ahead of time

Organize, pack, and get your belongings together in boxes/containers well ahead of your move in. If you have your move date ready, we recommend doing this as early as possible. Give yourself a full month, ideally.

This gives you enough space to not only plan for the move, but organize for the mobile pod too. Transportable pods have a variety of sizes, but like any container, you’ll need to make sure you make optimal use of the space provided.

Tip 4: Budget accordingly

Mobile pods are always made with your budget in mind. Unlike traditional storage options, you don’t have to worry about long term rent. However, in the same breath, you want to budget for any and all expenses related to moving.

While mobile pods can help cut down on travel/storage costs, you might need to consider things like deposits, rent, utilities (if not including), stocking up on groceries, furnishings, and what have you. Even if it’s a short distance, moving can be a surprisingly expensive endeavor. 

Tip 5: Get help if you need it

Mobile pods and their respective professional teams are there for your benefit. Mobile Attic, for instance, has staff which can load and transport your belongings within service locations.

Outside of that, however, reach out to friends or family if you need assistance. Moving solo is a taxing affair and sometimes dangerous if you own heavy equipment. This is why getting assistance is useful, and why we recommend planning ahead in case you experience difficulty with heavier objects. You might have to grease the wheels by offering food or compensation, but it’s worth it for the help and reduced stress.

While apartment moving can be tricky, good planning and organization are keys to success. Give yourself enough time with mobile pods and you’ll experience a stress-free move.

For additional information about mobile pods, you can contact Mobile Attic today.