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Using Mobile Storage For Events

by Nov 30, 2018

Everyone enjoys a good concert, fair, or special event. Whether for holiday, special occasions, or just plain old fun, getting out and experiencing something new puts a smile on anyone’s face. But there’s an aspect often overlooked here – one you might find yourself drowning in if you happen to plan said event: storage.

It’s a nice thought to build a stage and host performers or set up venues for a unique sale’s day, but what isn’t seen is all the work going into setting up mentioned venues. Tables, chairs, inventory, supplies, itinerary, the list goes on. Suddenly, it’s not only a monumental task of physical labor, but of practicality too. How will you get everything set up, and where will you put it? How can you even get it here?

The questions are daunting, but not to worry, Mobile Attic provides a unique solution. With transportable storage, a lot of the guesswork (and headaches) start to drift away. For example, you don’t have to think about where things will go or how they’re transported – at least in general. Got a location in mind? Transportable pods can store all the essentials and drop off at a designated location. Worried about how you’ll get it back? Those same pods can return for retrieval.

You can imagine the leg work this saves on. In a traditional scenario, staff or friends might need to stop by to help, storing a variety of things for the event in question. Depending on what – like heavy items or equipment – this can take a while. Now, you have to spend capital on the labor of moving along with time, ignoring the set-up requirements.

Even if you invest in traditional storage methods, there’s still a matter of transportation from extended distances. This could cause serious delays or other unforeseen issues (like running into traffic or dealing with damaged inventory) – all while a planned event hangs in the balance. Nobody wants the stress of a frantic set up – and that’s a possibility with traditional storage solutions.

Imagine all of those things taken care of: protected inventory, transport (saving on time, labor, and costs), and access to what you need where you need it. This is the major advantage brought by Mobile Attic’s storage solution and the primary reason to consider it as an option.

There are plenty of angles to consider when planning an event of any size. Heck, managing the entertainment aspect is normally the first hurdle. So, the last thing you want is the foundation to crumble, or in other words, the inventory itself.

If your next event is somewhere inconvenient, or you need a faster, practical method of delivering and receiving items before and after the event, cut out the stress. Use mobile transportation to make your next concert, carnival, fair, or even get together a perfect one.


-Douglas James