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Using Mobile Storage Pods During COVID-19

by Jun 4, 2020

We’re living in some challenging times, make no mistake. With the rise of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have seen their lives change as they try to stay safe. However, even with the virus outbreak, said people still have things to take care of. What if, for example, you need to move?

Whether the transition is nearby or over a long distance, mobile pods can be a helpful solution, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

If you’re moving a business or home, here’s several ways mobile storage pods help during the COVID-19 problem.

Reduced physical contact

The CDC and World Health Organization universally recommend limiting contact with others while also wearing masks and keeping at least six-feet between people, aka “social distancing.” The great thing about mobile pods then is it significantly reduces contact with others. Professional teams can onboard your inventory so you’re not put in the middle. 

Reduced workload

Depending on the inventory, mobile pods can help reduce the overall workload of moving supplies. For businesses or those with heavy furniture, this can be a huge help. Additionally, it’s an indirect way to protect against COVID-19, since reduced contact with others lessens the chance of contracting the virus. Also, it’s less stressful and exhausting, both of which can fatigue an immune system.

Elderly assistance

The Coronavirus pandemic affects the elderly quite severely. Moving, too, is a huge physical task. However, with the reasons stated above, mobile pods provide a range of benefits. Mobile pods take out much of the stress involved with transitioning (including labor) while simultaneously reducing contact with others.

In a time where it’s critical to stay safe at every turn, pods help those of older ages in a huge way.

Less travel time

Given circumstances, you may have limited travel or need emergency travel. Therefore, mobile pods help since they can transport inventory on your behalf. This is a great stress reducer and takes out one worry often associated with moving. Additionally, you save a little on gas since you don’t need to take your vehicle for return trips. 

Protects your items

Mobile pods aren’t only convenient, they’re great for keep your inventory safe from damage too. Each one is a sizeable stainless-steel interior which can hold various things, ranging from boxes to heavy set furniture and equipment. This shields them from weather or other types of damage. This is helpful during travel too, since items can move around when not seated properly.

Reduced stress

It may not sound like much, but salvaging one’s state of mind in times of crisis is important. Moves are already an enormous ordeal involving time and money, so worrying about COVID-19 during it all can be a problem. But, mobile pods are handled by professionals and take out much of said stress, giving you less to worry about. Peace of mind is important, so take it where it’s found!

If you’d like additional information on mobile pods, you can contact Mobile Attic for additional information.