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Using Mobile Storage Pods for Cold Weather Moving

by Dec 3, 2020

If you’re planning a move during the late fall or winter, there are plenty of challenges to deal with. The colder season brings about different weather conditions which can impair travel. Additionally, autumn is where flu cases rise, since people stay indoors more often than not. Combined with the COVID-19 pandemic which will make the 2020 fall season a riskier season, you have a lot more on your plate than just storing things in boxes.

But mobile pods are a great solution for the various challenges presented by both cold weather and disease. We’ll go over a few things to keep in mind if you’d like to try a pod instead of traditional moving methods.

Perfect for social distancing

Pods are ideal for keeping a safe distance from others for a few reasons. One is because expert staff are the ones which transfer pods to different locations, reducing risk to you and others.

The other is because inventory is stored in a secure container, outside of a home or business environment. Therefore, when you need to move something, you aren’t exposed to people during the process. This helps protect you from both COVID and influenza.

Reduced time on the road

Thanks to mobile pods, you’re not spending as much time on the road for travel. This includes moving inventory from general travel. Because of this, you save on gas.

Because you’re likely warming your engine and auto during travel, you’ll also save a little extra cash. So long as the pod is within a designated service area, you can have it taken where you need it.

Increased safety

Depending on where you live, the cold season brings about various potential road hazards. For instance, in some cases there’s the possibility of snow or ice. In others, because of the increased chill factor and rain, potential for wet roads, fallen tree limbs, and potential driving threats increase. 

With a pod, you’re on the road less – if at all – since the pod is taken by a professional team to your designated points.

Increased convenience for time constraints

The autumn season is all a busy one for holidays. October through December, there’s a trifecta to deal with. 

For those reasons, lots of unforeseen obstacles can come into play. For one, holiday travel brings about the problems we’ve mentioned (exposure to others, road hazards, increased traffic). Additionally, time constraints are a factor. Hours of availability change with traditional storage options, and you want access to your inventory at all times.

Mobile pods are right where you need them, and can be scheduled to transport at hours that are convenient for you without you having to lift a finger.

With weather, travel, and COVID concerns, the autumn season is a tricky one when it comes to moving. However, with the benefits we’ve discussed, a mobile pod solution can be the answer to all your transitioning woes.

For more information about mobile pods and how they can help you, contact Mobile Attic today.