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Big Reasons for Utilizing Seasonal Storage this Holiday

by Oct 30, 2018

Oh boy, the holy trifecta of holidays is upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas make up the busiest time of year for people in the US. That’s because there’s things to sell and families to see, as every business tries to gear up for seasonal storage demand.

Meeting said demand is its own multi-headed beast to slay. Regardless of company size, you’ve got dozens of angles to consider and matters to handle. And one of them out of this fever-dream of product and sales is inventory. What good is the season if you don’t have season items to sell and ship?

Of course, the dynamics of inventory brings about its own complications. How much do you need, how much do you plan to sell, and how will you rotate things out so close together? In other words, how do you switch from Halloween décor to Thanksgiving (or Christmas part one, essentially)? Especially in a timely fashion?

Mobile Attic has an answer! Pods for seasonal storage. When you’ve got enormous quantities of items and inventory to manage, keeping it both safe and ready is paramount during the busy seasons. As mentioned, once it’s time to rotate inventory, you generally want this done as quickly and efficiently as possible. But in traditional scenarios, a business might have to order from a warehouse or contact a distributor, which takes time and extra capital.

Mobile Attic’s pods, however, are transportable storage that can come directly to you – either for packing or unpacking your specific holiday items. This cuts down on costs associated with shipping, also assuring there’s no delay in getting the proper items ready for the relevant holiday. Kind of hard to sell jack-o-lanterns in December, right?

Christmas is especially demanding when it comes to inventory management. Companies often like to employ specials, discounts, and layaway deals to encourage sales, but this in turn generates lots of demand, and a business must be prepared for it. Even though the demand is good you might not have the necessary space to store them on physical location, which means more trips to the distributor. Since time is critical when trying to sell inventory, you want it ready to go as soon as possible.

Seasonal storage with Mobile Attic solves this issues by providing a predictable point of extra space which, again, can come to you. Time is lost retrieving/storing items – and the physical workload might require additional help for the season. This adds up, and prevents you from making changes as efficiently as possible.

Regardless of business size, the holiday season will create enormous item and storage demands. Whether it’s stuff that didn’t sell or stuff which needs setting aside for Christmas time, being prepared is a proactive approach.

As a business entering the competitive holiday season, you’ve got to think of your bottom line. Consider Mobile Attic’s mobile pod solutions for the upcoming holiday trifecta, especially if you’re expecting serious problems with inventory space and management.