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Vacation, trips, and summer fun in South Carolina

by Jul 27, 2021

Vacation, trips, and summer fun in South Carolina

If you want to plan a summer trip this year to South Carolina, then Mobile Attic is excited to welcome you. This beautiful state offers a wide variety of things to do and sights to see, from forest parks to the beauty of the coast. Everything from rustic charm to contemporary entertainment can be found here. But, if you’re curious about a few things you can do, we have a quick cheat sheet to give you some basic ideas.

Check out the ocean sights!

It’s a no brainer, but worth pointing out. South Carolina hosts a variety of beautiful beaches for swimming and visiting. Some of its most popular beaches are Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, the ideal summer getaway for families. 

If you’re looking to save on expenses, though, don’t worry, numerous public beaches are available too. Myrtle Beach has its own public beach park, down to Hunting Island. There’s something for everyone.

Try the cruises!

Did you know there are sight-seeing cruises available if you want to sample some of the ocean life? Dolphin cruises, for instance, are a popular activity on the SC coast. You can typically find them around Charleston Harbor, along with plenty of places for dining.

Dine on local cuisine!

And speaking of, visiting SC means you’re sure to enjoy the local flavors, literally. SC has a variety of seafood offerings from fish to gumbo. Everything from popular restaurants to family-friendly dine ins are there for you to enjoy after a day of riding out on the town. 

Of course, given the nature of safety, be sure to check ahead and see if there are still COVID regulations in place, if any.

Parks, Zoos, and History!

South Carolina is host to diverse wildlife, history, and zoos, all of which are accessible from anywhere in the state. Whether you want to catch glimpses of literal historical buildings or walk through unique parks, there’s something to fit any fancy. 

Zoos and aquariums also let you get a closer look at some of SC’s fearsome predators, from gators to sharks (without wandering into the wild, of course). 

Beautiful Cities!

Lastly, you can always check out some of the major SC cities, like our very own home here in Charleston. The city offers everything we’ve gone over, from shopping to diners, along with local entertainment. If nothing else, you can find a nice hotel and go exploring – there’s something for everyone to do.

Too much stuff? Portable storage can help!

And, of course, if you’re traveling, Mobile Attic is more than happy to offer portable storage services. If you are visiting South Carolina, we have storage options for you in our three locations, Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville. If you and your family are already in SC and are planning a trip, let Mobile Attic keep your belongings safe and secure while you and your family enjoy your time away. 

If you’re interested, you can contact Mobile Attic today for more information.