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What to know before moving to Charleston

by May 4, 2022

What to know before moving to Charleston

Moving is an exciting prospect for many looking to get a fresh start on life and build a future. Choosing the right place can mean a world of difference, and that’s why Charleston is a popular hotspot for prospective movers. But like any major transition, you’ll want to know what’s in store if you plan to move to the beautiful history-rich city. Mobile Attic will help you along with a quick “what to know” guide if you’re thinking of setting up in Charleston. And, if you do, even better, because we’re in the neighborhood with our mobile pod services!

Why Charleston, SC?

The city is a historically important part of the southeastern United States and a vibrant mix of old beauty and new trends. It’s a colorful blend of times gone and modern attractions, dotted by festivals, local fun, and lots of unique food vendors. For these aesthetic reasons alone it’s an optimal choice, mixing unique architecture with natural beauty.

Upward trends of economic growth

Moving isn’t always about looks and flash. More so, people move for job opportunities and economic prospects. Charleston is on the upward trend for jobs, especially if you’re looking for IT based work. Charleston’s chamber of commerce reports it as the best place for mid-sized metro IT growth and $186 million in capital investments, meaning it’s a growing hotspot for new and old business. And, even if you’re not after IT work, there’s something for everyone.

How’s the weather?

If you’re after warmer seasons, Charleston might be the ideal choice. Closer to the southeastern coast, Charleston has a healthy mix of hot summers and relaxing springs, with temperate cold seasons. Because of its proximity to the coast, there are occasional tropical storms. But those storms are not enough to deter residents, new and old, so if you’ve been craving a place with an emphasis on sunshine, Charleston is a great spot.

Want a vacation in your own back yard? Even better, Charleston is host to numerous, beautiful beaches. Whether you’re there for sightseeing, golf, or other activities, you won’t have a bad time.

Mobile Attic is nearby!

We talk a lot about the conveniences of mobile storage pods, and Mobile Attic is stationed in the heart of Charleston, ready to serve its customer base in all shapes and sizes. If you’re thinking about moving here, Mobile Attic is able and willing to help with our storage pods, all of which offer the versatility you’d expect. Moving on its own is a difficult process, so making it as easy is possible is our goal. And, once you settle in, you can always take advantage of our portable storage, anytime and anywhere in Charleston.

Great education opportunities

Moving for your family and educational prospects? Charleston makes a great environment too. Not just for its safety, but the city ranks one of the best in the state for all levels of education. K-8 public schooling systems rank in the top 20 percent in the state, and colleges are even more competitive with a stringent acceptance rate and larger academic demands. In other words, if you wanted to get the very best in learning, Charleston is an ideal place to do it.

Plenty to do and see

We mentioned the amazing beaches and weather for Charleston, but the city is a robust hive of art museums, historical landmarks, and public parks for any outing. That’s also nothing to say of the local theater showings and eateries available for those who want to experience the culture and traditions of the city. History buffs can seek out landmarks like Fort Sumter, relics of the Civil War. Or, check out modern attractions like the Charleston Aquarium. If you’re feeling festive, Charleston hosts numerous local events too, like the Spoleto Festival

How is the cost of living?

As you can imagine, even smaller metro cities like Charleston can have a larger price tag. While you’re backed by well paying jobs and a promising economy, budgeting is always an important consideration. Primarily, the housing market sees the highest share of costs, with prices having a higher than national average. Because of the location and associated markets, property values continue to rise with an average home costing upwards of $400K. 

That price point can sting, but it’s an important consideration when moving. More so, it makes the lower-than-average cost of food and grocery a sweet spot for residents in the Charleston area.

I’m ready to move, but now what?

Made the big decision? Charleston is happy to have you! This rich burg of a city has a lot to offer and many enjoy wonderful, fulfilling lives here. But of course, even if you have your sights set on the metro city, take a few things into consideration:

  • Get your budget ready and account for any and all expenses you might have missed
  • Try to plan and prep for the move at least one month in advance to get yourself enough time
  • Make sure utility bills are paid and set up before you move into your home of choice
  • Consider contacting moving services, like Mobile Attic, if you don’t have the time to transition yourself

How Mobile Attic can help

Even when you’ve prepared, moving is no simple task and requires both time and storage management. But Mobile Attic can help your eventual transition by offering storage pods, mobile containers which are deliverable to your locations of choice. If you need extra storage for supplies while you pack up/store inventory, you have options for that too. Essentially, Mobile Attic will deliver a pod of your choice to a location, allowing you to use it as needed.

Compare that to typical moving solutions like rental trucks and services. The price is higher, and you’re often responsible for the maintenance, travel, and gas. If you use a full service, then that charges the highest price.

We hope to see you in our home of Charleston, South Carolina! For additional information, you can reach out to Mobile Attic.