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Why Camping Might Be the Best Summer Activity Right Now

by Jul 16, 2020

Summer is a lively time of year for many, but this year we’re living in “interesting” times. With the problems and hazards presented by COVID-19, staying safe and healthy is important. Mobile Attic wants you to practice good health habits and protect yourself. So, if you’re aiming to plan a summer activity or vacation, it’s important to stay within guidelines to keep yourself, loved ones, and others safe.

But, there is good news. If staying indoors all summer sounds unpleasant, then a potential resolution is camping. Camping on its own is inherently distant from others, and your exposure to other people is limited. Additionally, it’s fairly low budget and only requires a few supplies and proper planning. If you’ve never camped or wonder “why now,” here’s some reasons why.

Enjoy the outdoors

For starters, the options for travel and camping are plentiful. Many states have numerous places across different counties with locations for camping. Parks, depending on their size, have options for camping too. The bottom line is in you’re in no shortage of places to go, even in your own backyard. 

You can also schedule on your own behalf. Whether solo or with friends or family, planning is a lot easier. You can also control how many people you interact with (or want to) to maintain personal safety. 

Thirdly, it’s extremely healthy. Camping – even for a few days – can pull you away from numerous stress factors like work and artificial lights. Sleeping in a location isolated from your stress factors helps the body, and is incredibly useful for those with maladjusted sleep schedules. You may also find yourself feeling better in general, as excess screen time and exposure to artificial lights can lead to mood problems. 

Aside from the benefits of lowering stress, you’re bound to get plenty of exercise while roughing it for a few days. Vitamin D from the sun combined with nature cardio walks is good for the body, and if you decide to do some outdoor cooking, even better. Just be sure to wear plenty of protective sunscreen and insect repellant while you’re outdoors!

Again, and bears worth repeating, you’re safer. Camping limits exposure to others by a significant amount, and even if you do encounter other travelers or hikers, it’s easy to maintain the six-foot rule. There are no crowds and public gatherings are unlikely. So, you can indulge yourself without worrying about too many risk factors.

That isn’t to suggest you shouldn’t practice good personal safety, but you’re certainly less likely to encounter health hazards while camping.

Camping this summer is a fantastic way to get in touch with nature, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, learn some new things and have different experiences. Of the things you can (or really can’t) do, it’s safer for everyone.

As always, practice good hygiene and take safety into account before doing anything.

If you’d like assistance moving camping supplies, you should consider utilizing mobile pods. You can contact Mobile Attic today for more information.