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Why Mobile Storage Pods Over Traditional Storage Solutions

by Oct 2, 2019

Mobile storage pods are a unique answer to the problem “where do I put my things.” Generally, before the use of a pod, a person needing extra space had to rely on traditional methods for their storage solutions. Generally, this meant renting out space to put their inventory in. People still use them today, of course, but it’s not always an ideal answer to their space issues.

Mobile pods for the Greenville, SC area were issued to address problems like these. The question is, what are the advantages of a mobile pod over typical storage? While both have their positives, there are some key differences that set the two apart. We’ll break down a few of the biggest advantages.


One of the big advantages mobile pods have is the travelling required to get to one. That is to say, none. Whereas traditional storage requires someone pack up their inventory and travel to a designated lot, a mobile pod comes to the person, cutting down on gas and time required for moving. This also cuts back on a lot of physical labor required, too. The proximity to location makes the task easier.


Again, because a mobile pod comes to a home or place of business, patrons don’t have to worry about traffic elements or other time-consuming interferences. With traditional storage options, you have to schedule around your own day, while accommodating to the hours of a storage facility. Some have access year-round, while others only have certain hours of service.

Size Options

Depending on one’s needs, you may need larger or smaller storage pods for moves and transitions. There’s nothing worse than paying for space you don’t need or paying for space and not having enough. Mobile storage pods arrive with a variety of sizes to help accommodate the specifications of the patron. While traditional storage options are generally sizeable, it may not be enough for larger inventory demands, such as with a business.

Flexibility for Business

Storage solutions are usually for individuals and those with moving needs, but mobile pods are great for businesses too. During seasonal events for instance (such as the big three during October through December), it can be helpful to easily exchange inventory within a few days, putting things away for safe storage as said business retrieves the current itinerary it needs. In some situations, smaller companies may not have adequate space on-site to put away their inventory, or, must use other costly storage options which increases time and labor.


There are still a diverse range of benefits when it comes to selecting pods here in Greenville, such as competitive pricing and wide service area. But, if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional storage options, mobile pods host a variety of benefits not found with usual solutions.

If you’d like to learn more or are interested in a portable storage option, you can visit us at Mobile Attic.