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Winter Woes and Portable Self Storage

by Jan 12, 2024

Winter is a majestic time of snow and ice – for about the first week. Afterward, the reality of colder temperatures sets in. Dangerous travel, white-packed driveways, and freezing nights. Snow – while lovely – makes things plenty harder. If you’re planning a move or storing items for the season, you know this fact all too well.

Road hazards, travel complications, and difficulty planning are just a handful of issues one can encounter when storing things during the cold season. Fortunately, Mobile Attic offers various solutions via portable storage! Here’s a few ways mobile pods can help you store things during winter time, along with some tips to keep your inventory needs headache free.

1 – Location

A big part of winter packing is location. As temperature drops, objects are affected by the freezing weather. For instance, it’s not safe to have electronics near cold windows. In the case of putting things away, mechanical parts or things adversely modified by freezing weather need protection.

A pod allows you to select what you need and put in a location free from temperature exposure and other hazards.

2 – Coverage

Whether using traditional storage methods or a pod, it’s a good idea to make sure your items are wrapped and covered well. This prevents intrusion of cold air – and depending on where you take the items – damage caused by snow and/or ice. Make sure you are using appropriate packing materials as sturdy boxes may add additional protection. Quality packing tape goes a long way here as well. Be sure that all items are labeled in boxes that are also labeled. Color-codes work great. Disassembling furniture can help maximize space.

3 – Planning

Portable pods mean you can have storage come to you. However, if you’re outside a service area or need to make a trip yourself, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Obviously, the first is to check the weather and plan around times where it’s dry and sunny.

Firstly, check the weather forecast regularly and plan the move on a day with milder conditions. Ensure all walkways and driveways are cleared of snow and ice to prevent accidents during the moving process. Additionally, protect your belongings from the cold by using weather-resistant packing materials and considering climate-controlled storage for sensitive items. Keep essentials like warm clothing, blankets, and hot beverages easily accessible to stay comfortable during the move. Schedule the move during daylight hours to take advantage of the limited winter daylight. Lastly, communicate with your moving company about any weather-related concerns and have a contingency plan in case of unexpected delays. With thorough planning and attention to weather conditions, a winter move can be executed smoothly and efficiently.

It’s also worth looking at routes and travel options with low traffic. Snow and ice already cause numerous delays on their own, so throwing traffic into the mix doesn’t help.

4 – Business

Companies can also benefit from portable winter time storage. There’s likely plenty of stock which needs rotation during the colder seasons, and not just related to holiday. Since you need to have stock changed as soon as possible, utilizing portable storage pods to transport relevant inventory to and from the business is a massive time saver.

It’s also great for when the colder temperatures eventually change. Imagine needing to shift inventory for Spring, but doing so manually. This requires time, labor, and rented space, versus a portable pod. The pod comes to you, provides convenient access to store items, and cuts down on labor/travel

Businesses can leverage self-storage units during the winter to store various items, optimizing space and ensuring the safety of valuable assets. Seasonal inventory, such as holiday decorations, winter-specific merchandise, or excess stock, can be efficiently stored, freeing up retail or office space. Important documents and records that are not frequently accessed but need to be preserved can also find a secure home in climate-controlled storage units, protecting them from potential damage due to extreme cold or humidity. Additionally, businesses with outdoor equipment, like patio furniture or promotional materials, can benefit from storing these items during the winter months to prevent wear and tear. For those undergoing renovations or office relocations, self-storage offers a temporary solution to safeguard office furniture, equipment, and supplies until they are needed again. The flexibility of self-storage allows businesses to adapt to changing seasons and operational needs, making it a valuable asset for efficient space management.

5 – Outdoors

What if you’re planning an event, get together, or party for outside? Transporting electronic equipment and cables can be both tiresome and hazardous, depending on methods chosen. But again, portable storage provides an accessible utility for said winter events, while making clean-up easier and safer. There are lots of risks involved when dealing with snow and ice, so the last thing you want is to bring said risk to storage.

The unique challenges posed by cold weather, snow, and limited daylight require careful consideration and proactive measures. By staying ahead of the weather forecast, using weather-resistant packing materials, and employing smart organizational strategies, individuals and businesses can ensure a smooth and successful winter move. From protecting belongings against the elements to optimizing space and ensuring the safety of both people and possessions, a well-thought-out plan is the key to navigating the complexities of a winter move. Embracing these considerations not only minimizes stress and potential damages but also paves the way for a seamless transition to a new location, allowing individuals and businesses alike to embark on their winter moves with confidence and efficiency. Winter and cold already bring enough challenges, so don’t let it hassle your storage and moving needs! If you need additional information about storage pods, you can find out more on Mobile Attic.