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Your Charity Drive’s New Secret Weapon: Mobile Storage Pods

by Mar 16, 2021

A charity faces numerous challenges with minimal aid, despite their incredible role in society. As a charitable organization you’re running on goodwill and profit isn’t typically the goal, only the well being of people, animals, nature, or even art! That comes with an assortment of difficulties, though, of which you’re no doubt familiar as a person working charity.

Space is one of them. It’s a problem you don’t always consider outright until you run out of it. But fortunately, there are options for these scenarios in form of a mobile pod. Storage units give you a few advantages and ways to work around problems, and we’ll explain how.

Benefits for charity work

All charities have different goals. Common efforts are food drives, providing food packages for low income and/or needy families (or just people who need extra help). Given COVID-19 and the pressure it’s put on people everywhere, this kind of help is needed more than ever.

Mobile pods assist with the logistics of providing food to everyone. Depending on the area and demand, this could range from a few dozen to a few hundred people. So, supplying food packs and meals to that amount is obviously crucial, but storing it and getting it to them is another concern entirely. For example, if you plan to supply food in small box containers, or, just give food wholesale (in their original packaging) you have to consider the space and size you’re allotted.

In a typical scenario this can be hard to do. Even with multiple vehicles, storing that amount of food creates challenges. Also, you have to consider location and how it takes charity works to get to certain locations. If using a traditional storage space, that also creates inconvenience of space and traffic. But, storage pods deal with these equations quite easily.

Since it’s a mobile pod, you can select a location of choice. That means you can provide ample space for your food drive (or general charity drive), opening spaces for incoming and outgoing transportation. And, if you need parking for visitors, said location can be beneficial. Given that you could be helping people in the hundreds or at least high numbers, space is important for organization and time reasons.

They’re also useful for collecting charity and donation items, or to host charity-based yard sales. For example, if your organization travels to one point to collect donation items, a pod can store them. Since it’s mobile, you can request said unit is taken to a location of your choice, so long as it’s within a service area. 

Handy, right? Basically, mobile storage pods are transportable and provide necessary space no matter the need. Given the logistics of space management, you can see how they’re valuable for charity work. It allows you to think creatively and manage said work with efficient ease.

If you’d like additional details about what mobile pods can do, contact Mobile Attic today for additional information.