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Your New Place Doesn’t Have Enough Space, Now What?

by Feb 18, 2020

Among the things you have to figure out when moving to a new home is space. Do you have enough for all your things? Is the location smaller? If yes, then you might run into a problem you hadn’t previously considered: not enough storage to put your things.

This isn’t a fun scenario to be in, especially after a big move. So, how do you prevent it? What do you do if you’re short on options? Mobile Attic has a few suggestions to help.

Consider Mobile Storage

Mobile storage options such as pods offered by Mobile Attic are one of the easiest solutions to handle a lack of space after a move.  Mobile pods arrive on location with expert crews and have enormous pods ready to stow away your valuables, from heavy machinery to simple belongings. It saves on time and gas, too, since pods come to you and are accessible with just a phone call. If you have limited options, mobile storage is one of the best solutions.

Alternative Storage Spaces

If external or paid options aren’t practical, no worries. Part of space management is making use of areas you wouldn’t originally consider. For instance, under your bed. If you’ve got limited feet to work with, you’ll want to make use of every corner you can (within reason).

Hooks and Shelves

Bedroom and wall hooks will be your new best friend. Hooks allow you to hang bags and bins from virtually anywhere, which can then store different items. As long as the hook has the proper weight capacity, you can get pretty creative here. 

Place hooks on your room walls, both for organization and extra space. You’d be surprised at the space options available to you. Additionally, shelves are great for partitioning items and organization. Often it’s when items are cluttered that they take the most space.

Toss Out Clutter

Not exactly what we look forward to, but when it comes down to it, considering tossing out things you no longer need, use, or want. Clutter can build up quickly and if you’re in a small space, you need to conserve every inch you have.

Take stock of what you own and think over how often you use it versus how much space it takes up. Are you really using the space heater? Do you need those old blankets? Give them away at your local charity to conserve.

Toolbox Storage

Got a lot of small items? Plastic toolboxes offer numerous small pockets you can story tiny things away in, and they don’t even need to be related to tools. Some are even wall mounted, making use of the current apartment space you have.

We hope some of those tips help you. It’s all about thinking outside the box and using what you have. Get an idea of the floor space before you move to best prepare.

If you need more help, consider using an external storage pod. You can learn more at Mobile Attic.