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Your next fall trip could be to Greenville

by Nov 7, 2023

If you need ideas for autumn trips, Greenville is an excellent hotspot for a variety of activities and sights to see. Set up as one of the premiere cities in SC, Greenville hosts numerous attractions for all ages, housing beautiful landmarks rich with history, and plenty of captivating vistas. Mobile Attic is proud to service this area, and we’d like to highlight some of its most rewarding features and points of interest. 

Scenic state parks to catch your eye

One of the highlights about autumn is the beauty of shifting colors. Greens turn to inviting shades of orange, yellow, and red, and nowhere is better to catch these sights than the various state parks found in Greenville.

There’s a lot to do. You can visit for a long afternoon walk, or, even plan camping trips by using available state services. Notably, Greenville boasts three impressive state parks, all with their own unique routes, sights, and activities.

  • Jones Gap
  • Caesars Head
  • Paris Mountain

Which is the right park for me?

Paris Mountain is great for instantly beautiful sights, mountain biking, and long trails to walk. It’s a short trip from downtown Greenville and an easy getaway for visitors. 

About forty-five minutes from Greenville, northways, visitors after scenic views and horizons filled with picturesque mountains will love Jones Gap.

Caesars Head is named after rock formations looking similar to the historic figure, complete with brooks, creeks, and plenty of sights to see. Raven Cliff is another consideration, and this one is great for fishing and hiking.

No matter the choice, however, you’ll pick the right one.

Other recommendations by Mobile Attic

Beyond the various sights and historical landmarks, Greenville is also home to the Swamp Rabbits hockey team. Whether you’re a devoted fan or passing visitor, come take a look out our pride and joy as they duke it out on the arena of ice.

For specific schedules, tickets, and times, you can visit their main web page here: Greenville Swamp Rabbits | Greenville, SC Professional Hockey | Schedule

But that’s not all, Greenville houses numerous landmarks, parks, and scenic views as mentioned. You can also find something to eat, check out the local art scene, or visit the town for a night of relaxing fun. 

There’s a healthy mix and match of paid activities versus free ones as well. The various trail and mountain parks we’ve mentioned are an easy choice for an afternoon activity. But you can also take paid tours (like the Paranormal Walking Tour), visit local theaters for performing arts (Centre Stage), or visit one of the various museums and galleries present in Greenville. 

Planning for your trip

If you think Greenville is the next choice for your autumn getaway, then you’ll want to plan accordingly. Don’t worry, with the help of Mobile Attic, the process is easy and stress-free. It’s also not a difficult process, it just pays to think ahead and account for everything that you’ll want to do.

Keep a few things in mind as you build a quick vacation plan for Greenville:

  • Your overall expected budget
  • The length of time you intend to stay
  • Expected costs related to travel, hotels, food, and personal items

The big one, of course, is budget. Without it, you can easily overspend and cut your vacation getaway short, so have an amount set aside for what you want to do. Figure out the exacts – the money you know will need to be set aside. Typically that’s hotel costs and travel. If you know the events you’re planning to visit – such as the activities Mobile Attic described – you have your spending sheet figured out.

Budget is also about accounting for the little expenses too. Stopping for gas, getting snacks/drinks while on the road, medicine/personal items, it’s the small things that we overlook while on vacation.

Things at home

Then comes the other question, what about your stuff at home? During extended visits, it’s understandable to worry about your homestead. If your trip to Greenville is expected to last longer than a few days, security is the first thing to think about.

But sometimes securing our property is easier said than done. What if you also own a small business, or, don’t have the space to put away inventory that’s around your lawn? Regardless of your reasons, Mobile Attic has a solution: portable storage pods.

There’s a pod size for virtually any need and use, security included. So, in the instance where you, friends, and/or family are planning a trip to Greenville, you want additional storage security for things you consider valuable. A mobile storage unit can house these items at your discretion. But it gets better.

If desired, you can have the pod retrieved and stored by the service provider – protected by their security – while away on a trip. You can place the pod behind fenced areas or secure structures, and of course, lock the storage pod(s) as needed.

How do I use mobile storage pods?

You might fret trying to use a utility pod when planning a vacation. But the good news is, mobile storage pods are incredibly simple. Once you find the right size, you order your pod (or multiple pods, if needed), and have them delivered to the service location of your choice. In this case, we’ll assume it’s your home. You can utilize these pods for as long as you need. You won’t have to travel to physical locations either, saving on time, gas, and money.

If you’re looking for a new vacation idea this autumn, consider Greenville and our suggested locations. There’s lots to see and do whether you’re staying briefly or for an extended visit. 

Considering mobile storage pods for security and/or moving? You can learn more by reaching out to Mobile Attic today.