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When you prepare for a move, half the “fun” is packing everything. But, during the process, you might’ve forgotten about a subtle detail involved in storing items: the packaging material. That is to say, what containers you use, where you put them, and what you protect your items with. For instance, you wouldn’t want fragile material clanking together and potentially breaking, right? What would you use to solve this? Packing foam is a traditional response, but, not the only option.

If you’re getting ready for a move but don’t have enough protective materials, or, just want some clever alternatives,

Portable storage units provide a lot of convenience and accessibility. You can access them from virtually anywhere, they can be delivered to and from certain locations by transfer teams, and it’s an excellent way to overcome obstacles normally encountered with traditional storage, such as travel time. Of course, to make the best use of a portable storage unit, you’ll want to plan ahead. It might sound unnecessary but think of this way: try to move with no planning or packing and imagine how hectic that can be.

Storage units are mobile containers, so keep this in mind. Additionally, there are a

When you think portable storage pods and units for excess inventory, you likely think of housing items. Clutter or extra itineraries are a natural component of renting and homeownership. But, there’s an added benefit to mobile storage pods: they can help a business.

This time, we’re talking about the construction industry, especially if you’re a private contractor or locally owned enterprise. Mobile pods provide a whole host of positives which can save you time, labor, and money. Some of those benefits are. . .

1 – Convenience

Depending on where the job is, having supplies transported to you in an ergonomic, organized pod

As anyone could tell you, moving is a hassle. With so many things to account for, most struggle with the stress of packing, transporting, and unpacking. Sometimes, storage is a problem too, but there’s a solution. Using storage pods can take out a great deal of strain when managing a big move. Additionally, there are several creative things a person can do to make their transition plenty easier.

If you’re considering a mobile storage pod, here are some packing tips to help your big trip.

1 – Separate Essentials and Non-Essentials

As you prep for a move, it’s tempting to toss everything together

With spring comes renewal, and for some, that means cleaning up their homes, consolidating clutter and unnecessary items. If that sounds like you, we’ve got some tips this year for getting your home looking like new!

First, decide what you need and don’t need. Part of handling clutter is finally tossing out those vintage newspapers from over a decade ago. Sure, they might hold some sentimental value, but if they take up space and provide housing to pests, they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Therefore, make decisions like this for a stored itinerary. If you really can’t let go of your

When spring hits, there are lots to celebrate. Warmer weather, blooming flowers, festive wildlife, and soon longer days. If you’ve just moved, even better! Spring is all about new beginnings, so what better way to celebrate your fresh new place with a series of activities and things to do! If you’d like to take full advantage of the season, here are a few ideas for you.

1 – Start a Garden

There’s nothing quite as satisfying than growing your own food and plants. Cultivating life with time, patience, and effort is not only a worthwhile skill to develop but plenty of fun.

When spring and winter start to intercede, there’s a nasty concoction of colds and pollen in the air. This leads to long days spent inside – an unpleasant experience for anyone. But nothing is quite as bad as weathering a storm of pollen or feeling the chills if you have to move. It’s easy to get sick during this time too, as one has to exert themselves more than normal.

To keep you healthy this season, we’ve got a few tips to help you survive spring fever and hopefully make your next move that much easier.

1 – Check Pollen

Mobile Attic believes in approaching storage in a unique way, so why not apply the same logic to another special time of year: Valentine’s Day? Yes, while the fun of New Year has long passed, another holiday is right around the corner. Often plastered with scarlet boxes and exotic chocolate, Valentine’s is a chance to show someone you love just how much you appreciate them.

But maybe this time you don’t want to try the same old, same old. Maybe this time you want to go beyond candies and cards. So, just as we help you with portable storage solutions, we’ll

Everyone loves a good holiday. What they don’t like – and often forget – is the mess associated with it. If you think Valentine’s Day is excluded from the mess, don’t be fooled. With every business encouraging you to drown your loved ones in a sea of gifts, cards, and candy, there’s plenty of plastic trash to go around for the rest of the year.
But just as well, there’s storage to consider. Some like to keep the cards. Some like to decorate. If you’re a business, you probably have a variety of unique Valentine’s stock to get moving. Once all

Winter is a majestic time of snow and ice – for about the first week. Afterward, the reality of colder temperatures sets in. Dangerous travel, white-packed driveways, and freezing nights. Snow – while lovely – makes things plenty harder. If you’re planning a move or storing items for the season, you know this fact all too well.

Road hazards, travel complications, and difficulty planning are just a handful of issues one can encounter when storing things during the cold season. Fortunately, Mobile Attic offers various solutions via portable storage! Here are a few ways mobile pods can help you store things

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