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There is nothing that fills a South Carolinian with more childlike wonder and overwhelming anxiety than a good snow storm. It seems like the perfect weather to just cut off the rest of the world by staying inside under a blanket or a makeshift cushion fort (password protected. For the yetis). The fear that many citizens have concerning snow has become a bit of a joke among South Carolinians and out-of-staters alike, so some may tend to cut corners when it comes to safety measures. Actions that require just a bit more mindfulness could be glozed over to the misfortune

The moving process is like a complicated machine. There are many working parts that run independently, but contribute to the whole. With your superior moving expertise (and the Mobile Attic here to streamline), the big stuff is no sweat. Backwards and forwards, through planners you dated and creatively ornamented with floral decorations. The outline of your move is ready and you are set to pull the trigger.

The moving process also has a TON of small screws and hidden gears.  Those pieces could go catapulting through the entire thing. This could turn the move into a nightmare of headaches and broken

 Looking for a comprehensive moving guide? This isn't it, but we'll cover a few things you are sure to miss!

Tend to the hot water heater!

There is absolutely no reason to keep the hot water heater above 120 degrees. You may be the kind of person that wants to boil water in the shower, but I would much rather keep my skin un-melted and save money doing it! If set at a higher temperature, the heater will continue using energy to maintain that temperature until the water molecules give up from exhaustion or the electric company sympathizes with your astronomical bill

Despite what the self-published authors on Amazon would have you believe, there are no definitive, encompassing guides to moving. Nothing will come close to grasping the weird mix of joy, nostalgia, heartache, and stress that is so unique to this life event. This humble blog writer has done his best to give out helpful information, but the thousands and thousands of words aren’t even the tip of the tip of the iceberg , but you need to learn as much as you can about that thing. It will easily sink your ship if you don’t know what you are looking

When it comes to moving, what is your absolute favorite thing about the experience? Obviously, deadlifting furniture and cramming awkward chairs through tight corridors, said no one ever. Hiring a moving crew can have some advantages and disadvantages, but raw success doesn’t come to those that sit around watching burly, tattooed types scuff up your newly painted walls even after dismantling every piece of sit-ware that you own. Mobile Attic is all about doing things yourself; the tool for the every-person. In that spirit, I have compiled a list of pointers that will make furniture moving a little less painful

so, you wanted to stay close to your awesome public school system or maybe the local barista finally knows your name after three and a half years of ordering daily beverages. You don't want to go through that emotional pain again. Whatever the reason, moving locally can be an interesting change of scenery and perspective, despite changing residence within the same town. Moving is still moving, though, and the stress is always present. On the plus side, there are a ton of advantages to local moves that will make your life so much easier, and I am here to help

If your family is anything like mine was, your car NEVER saw the inside of the garage. The metal exterior shivered in the freezing cold, wondering how existence was without the bitter wind coursing through its tailpipe. Easy mornings (without having to defrost the windshield) may be motivation enough to clean out the garage, but sometimes you just need that extra kick. Introducing that extra kick. Numerous studies have shown that, when given a complicated task, it is more easily tackled when the complexity is broken down into fun, bite-sized pieces. It allows you to think about each stepping stone

Everything about your move is going smoothly. You look on your work with an acute satisfaction, gazing across the sea of cardboard and bubble wrap, eager to look on your new kingdom. That wardrobe bowed to your rule and that huge pile of clothing could do nothing but submit itself to your superior packing knowledge. Suddenly, you hear a strange noise from the kitchen. It is the subtle hum of some horrible beast with breath like ice and the stature of a giant. The noise grows louder and louder until it is all you can think about. It is joined

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, moving can be a dangerous task. Not like swimming overnight off the coast of the Australia dangerous, but enough where planning and mindfulness will benefit you. We are not quite at the age where we can make robots lug around our jam-packed boxes, while carrier drones transport the storage container to the new location. Think of this like you would the cautionary lessons in Science class where the teacher would spend two hours trying to get you to wear safety goggles. After your entire school career, I bet you still smelled

You spend your entire life accumulating things that represent the ebb and flow of your existence; styles and interests pass on and on like the waves of the ocean, some dying as they come crashing into the shores of time while others flow out into the middle of the ocean to capsize some poor fishing vessel of self-awareness. Interesting metaphors aside, these things represent your temporal life. The timeline of your soul, in a sense. In that way, decluttering can be a stressful affair. Fortunately, you don’t have to trash all your belongings for your move (Mobile Attic is here

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