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Don’t let the rainy days fool you; even now, outdoor activity season steadily approaches. The temperature has spontaneously increased, so much so that I doubt anyone remembers winter as a thing. When the planet is done taking its periodic dip into some giant, cosmic ocean, there will be a moment where we have a limited window for comfortable entertainment before the summer hits and everyone is baked golden by the harsh, South Carolina solar radiation.

In the spirit of late spring, I’ve compiled a short list of outdoor ideas, so you can be the usher of joy and merriment. One that

I’m not sure I want to meet the person who thinks packing is the fun or exciting part of a relocation adventure. If life came with a montage button, this would be one of the moments you press the living snot out of the thing. Unfortunately, the science here is in its early stages. Fortunately, though, Mobile Attic is here to make the process much smoother. Packing still stinks, but at least we can pull out the pain a bit. Our lucky decedents will have limitless robot helpers that can assist with boxing and unboxing. For those of us living

Fixed storage units are strange rooms away from home: protected by the law and a large metal fence, allowing you to store as many Beanie Babies as your heart can keep tabs on, along with assorted gym equipment (the kind that looks easier to use on television). Because of the reclusiveness, unopened storage units have an air of mystery and potentiality. This feeling is so common, A&E made a terrible show about it. At the same time, the storage habits of the rich and famous are shrouded in this additional environment of mystery. Years later when someone cracks the units

April showers and all that jazz. No matter the reason, you find yourself in a situation where you must move, but several hundred gallons of that pesky rain make the job a bit more difficult. Moving is a big headache; moving during the rainy season qualifies as a hardcore water sport (on par with log rolling, except with back pain from lifting boxes for a week). You may be a veteran mover who welcomes the challenge, but for the other 99.99999%, Mobile Attic wants to give you a friendly, hydrophobic hand.

In seriousness, rainy moving can be a dangerous game. With

With Earth day on the horizon, you may be looking for ways to give back to the great, blue planet. That is certainly admirable, but Earth day should be about inspiring permanent changes in our lifestyles that will have a ripple effect in society. What does that mean for you? Absolutely anything between organizing a community-wide 5k to cutting back the number of plastic bottles you use daily. Through your actions (if done passionately), you will inspire others to take up that same burden of love.

All that sounds great and stuff, but where to get started? Companies are blasting you

Earth day may be a week off, but now is the perfect time to show Mother Nature a little love. How, you ask? By proudly showing everyone just how green your thumb is (and if it’s actually green, maybe you should see a doctor). You may be a little wary about planting more foliage around, and that’s understandable. They control our oxygen supply and, if some sort of extraterrestrial being were to come to earth, they would think the trees run the show. We should plant those things anyway because running a planet is a lot of pressure and I

You’ve decided to put your home on the market. You have this plan in your head that will make your move the easiest, most streamlined process (with the help of the Mobile Attic, of course). With local storage out of the way, the next step would be…to sell the house. Simple enough, right? Then the realtor hits you with the monumental task of staging your home.

You may ask, what’s wrong with this elegant style that I’ve been cultivating over years of my life? The expression of your very soul. Every room represents a compartment of your own mind. Exaggerations aside,

When I was a little kid, nothing filled me with such hope and excitement as a well-organized garage sale. The endless possibilities and unpassable bargains burned a hole through my allowance like they were candy and trading cards. The funny thing about yard/garage sales is that you can usually tell if they have good stuff just by a quick glance from the road, or by a short inspection of the advertisements. Sure, you may find something really cool at a less impressive sale, but the water-stained boxes and rusted chairs will probably make you second guess the entire affair. Fortunately,

Mother Nature is flip-flopping, not willing to commit to one season (to the horror of our poor plants). As the jackets go on sale and your lungs cling on for dear life through clouds of endless pollen, you may recognize it as that springtime mood. The season is a time of rebirth; You, being the festive sort, may want to show spring in all its glory by demonstrating this rebirth in your own home! After rearranging your closet (so that the shorts and radical graphic tees are up front) and doing a little spring cleaning (possibly with the help of

We’ve been hit a few times, but with nature finally giving the plants an opportunity to wake up (and stay up), another pollen attack is almost definitely on the horizon. I suppose there must be some tradeoff for the beautiful weather and scenery, and that comes in the form of microscopic foreign bodies that hit that panic button to your immune system. With all the dangerous and terrifying stuff in the world, it is ridiculous that we are so burdened by such a common occurrence.

We should either accept that it is just an inconvenient aspect of life or (more likely)