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Home and garden conventions are about celebrating everyday living, survival, and nature taming –and that’s pretty cool. Even better, the most popular home and garden convention is back this weekend to provide you with connections, knowledge, and skills you can use to create your ideal living space. Whether you are looking for a trustworthy company for your next project, or you’re a do-it-yourselfer with an itch for refining your technique, the Southern Home and Garden Show will have something for you!

The greatest benefit you’ll get from attending is the gallons and gallons of inspiration. Located in the TD Convention Center,

This winter, the Palmetto state caught a bad case of the wind and rainys. That kind of variable could make an already complicated move that much more difficult to handle. Light drizzles are one thing, but in the past months, rain has come down in buckets to the delight of plants and natural water sources. Unfortunately, this is more of an inconvenience to us. Sometimes, you may be pushed to move in not-so-ideal conditions. For those moments, allow me to share some tips on successfully moving during a downpour. Zip up the jacket and heat up some cider in the

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, moving can be a dangerous task. Not like swimming overnight off the coast of the Australian outback dangerous, but it’s not exactly unlike that either. We are not quite at the age where we can make robots tote around our jam-packed boxes, so we’ll have to improvise –or do it the old-fashioned way, I suppose. Think of it like you would the cautionary lessons in Science class where the teacher would spend two hours trying to get you to wear safety goggles. After your entire school career, I bet you still

You may be wondering why this list doesn’t say “top 100 reasons to love Mobile Attic.” I appreciate your enthusiasm, and I could write a 15-volume work on the merits of Mobile Attic-brand portable storage, but the blog post is a limiting medium. In 600 words or less, I want to spread the love to both you and the google bots that crawl our page for original content (machines need love too).  For movers already initiated into the family, take a moment to think about how love is unhindered by a move. It may not feel that way sometimes, but

The Mobile Attic allows you to pack at your own pace, though when it comes to unpacking you may want to speed through that as quickly as possible. Trust me, the rest of the world is with you but attempting a speedy relocation can be inefficient and, counterintuitively, time consuming. Fortunately, with a bit of direction, you’ll be unpacked and living it up in just a few days.

If you are interested in taking it slow, Mobile Attic respects that. You can keep the container on the property for as long as you like. This guide isn’t necessarily for you; but

Mobile Attic is proud to say that the moving truck is on its way out! It’s classic and nostalgic, so it sticks around some, but the investment (in time and money) towers over portable storage. We have helped thousands of customers come to this realization in South Carolina. When it comes to new things, you may not know what to look for. Fortunately, Mobile Attic wants to help the present and future movers of the world!

If you’re thinking portable storage, keep these questions in mind!

Container construction is important. Some companies have containers made from a tarp, while others trust

Junior League is a charity organization meant to improve the lives of community members through volunteer work. They offer resources for guidance and training aimed at making the members exceptional volunteers, and increasing female representation in civil concerns. You can support the cause by participating in Columbia's February 3rd Clean Sweep. Come to the State Fair grounds for the biggest yard sale you've ever seen.

From their video:

"Clean Sweep features new and used items donated by League members, citizens, and local businesses at affordable prices. Items include handbags, jewelry, books, music, games, children’s toys and clothing, maternity clothing, furniture, home and

The internet age has brought us many wonders: from global interconnectedness to giving young fan fiction writers an outlet to discuss the personality traits of Loki from the Avengers. There is a lot of good stuff out there, though you may start to doubt this if you look at the million [insert popular character here] surgery games in the play store. We have supercomputers literally stuffed into our pockets on a regular basis and I use it to look up movie references, hoping my friends think I’m cool. The point is to provide knowledge in a convenient way, and Mobile

At Mobile Attic, we understand all too well how stressful moving can be for our residential customers. That stress grows exponentially when it comes to commercial moves. There are so many working parts and so much to account for; you may be thinking it would just be easier to grow your hair out, change your name, and perform a one-man xylophone routine in small towns across America. That may sound fulfilling to your wanderlust spirit, but it isn’t realistic (though if you do decide to go this route, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up an animal companion for the extra

It’s safe to say most movers plan to use storage for small stretches of time; maybe a month or two as the move date quickly approaches –and passes like a Mobile Attic truck on the freeway. The storage adventure ends here for most people, but there are outliers that exist in kind of a moving and storage limbo. Maybe the new place isn’t built yet or maybe you’re holding off to save money; your situation is unique, and not without a unique set of challenges. The problem of storage is solved (thanks to Mobile Attic) and with that, we also