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The movie watching experience is an American pastime that has long surpassed baseball, along with pretty much everything else that may be considered a pastime. It is like going into a pocket dimension, entirely separate from the toils of everyday life. The darkened theatre eliminates your understanding of time and the sound-proofing cuts you off from the persistent honks of the caffeine-deprived motorists, unhinged by the subpar service at the local coffee joint. The soda is overpriced, but you need to cut down on that high fructose garbage anyway. It is all part of the enjoyment, the fact that you

Imagine it with me. You are enjoying the great outdoors; limitless expanses of green, sprinkled with the swaying yellow of jessamine. Being the springtime, the air is in motion so that the hottest part of the day is still relieved by a sudden gust. The song of the birds compliment your existence and the bees waive their goodbyes on their route to some distant hive. Feeling liberated from your body, you feel that nothing can interfere with this timeless sensation until…you look down at your arms to see bloated, red splotches that pulsate and cry out into the limitless blue

The most effective part of a well-executed move is the carefully devised plan. Easier said than done! If only it could be like the movies where y there is a short montage in which you and your family pull up GPS coordinates, astrological maps and sort through volumes of tomes dedicated to successful moves before meeting back up to compile the great plan on college rule, gold-finished, laminated paper with those cutesy designs you always see on Instagram. If you are anything like me, you would fast forward through even the montage. I get it. Not fun at all. Fortunately,

It is a simple, happy day in your home. The weather has been sort of iffy, but it is warm and sunny other days. You decide to get a head start on spring cleaning because the mood just seems right, but there is a sinister feel in the air. You slowly move back your wardrobe, feeling the behemoth pull against the carpet as your anxiety rises. There you see it. The fungal invaders have made a home on your eggshell white wall, feasting on the dust that collected over the year. The disk represents something menacing; some sort of unwelcome

Mom and Dad always said “never judge a book by its cover”, but they most certainly didn’t have houses in mind. It is basic human nature to make snap judgments on things through our first impressions. Numerous studies have shown that, when interacting with others, people throw out this virtue unconsciously like last week’s Chinese food. The tendency is to make an initial judgment call and then work all other impressions so that they match, or are at least in line with, the first. Whether staging your home or just sprucing it up for bragging rights, curb appeal is so

Everything about your move is going smoothly. You look on your work with an acute satisfaction, gazing across the sea of cardboard and bubble wrap, eager to look on your new kingdom. That wardrobe bowed to your rule and that huge pile of clothing could do nothing but submit itself to your superior packing knowledge. Suddenly, you hear a strange noise from the kitchen. It is the subtle hum of some horrible beast with breath like ice and the stature of a giant. The noise grows louder and louder until it is all you can think about. It is joined

The portable storage unit is commonly used for two things: moving (of course) and for onsite storage. I wanted to go a bit deeper and find some unconventional uses for the container, which would require a small visit to none other than my father. A few weeks back, he rented a portable storage container to declutter and he has been letting it sit in the driveway until his month is up. I received a phone call from him one afternoon where, after he read my previous entry about unconventional container uses, he explained that he had an interesting and groundbreaking

The days of the moving truck are numbered. Maybe not exactly, because it is the classic way to move, but the process is completely overshadowed by the convenience of portable storage. Thousands of people across the southeast have come to this realization in our decade within the industry. With new technology comes a learning curve, and this is no different with the portable storage unit. Some future movers are not entirely sure what to look for (as the containers vary drastically across the moving world). Below is sort of a check list for features that you should be on the

In the moving process, you want to move all the things that you hold close to you but not the pests you may have accumulated over the years. Bed bugs, ants, spiders and rodents may hitch a ride in one of your boxes or inside your pantry to become a nuisance at your new residence. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to reduce or eliminate their presence in your new home. Before we get into the information, below are a list of common pests and their tendencies so you will know what to expect:

Ants – tough

It can seem like moving is just one headache after another. Even more so when you think about boxing. The same, tedious motion starts to get to you after the first room, burning the corrugation pattern into your brain for the next few months. The technique behind packing the box and organizing the collection of boxes is in no way advanced, but there may be a few things here that you can take away. Just chill back for a few moments, tend to that cranial pain, and follow some of these tips to make the boxing process a little less

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