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It’s safe to say that most people use their garage as a spillover room; a place that accumulates all your extra furniture, random home repair stuff, and the gym equipment you bought with a Christmas themed Amazon gift card. Instead of the port, or entryway, to your home, the garage becomes this extra space that you keep locked away from all but the closest of your guests. The garage doesn’t have to be the containment area for your mountain of consumerism; at Mobile Attic, we have the perfect solution to your storage needs. What are you to do with the

As we go into the winter, we leave behind us the traditional moving season, but why? Is there something about winter that makes us go into our home, fleece blankets in tow, to catch up on those same 12 shows everyone on social media is talking about? The trees and the animals have the same idea (minus the Netflix), as does the once-magnificent sun. Its beautiful in a way; calm, but also kind of sad. Quickly, the winter wonderland of solace becomes a giant blanket of demotivation: itchy and a few inches too short for your feet. If you’re anything

Moving may appear to you like a huge mountain, rough and almost untraversable on this side, but cool, valley breezes on the far side. The important part is not necessarily getting to the top, but getting back down.  You may be tempted to relax after the long and strenuous move. Just as preparing, packing, and executing a move has unexpected pitfalls, your first night in the new home may bring some challenges for which you aren’t prepared. Fear not, fellow mountaineer! Mobile Attic is here, as always, to give you advice on the oft forgotten side of the moving mountain:

The brain can only hold so much conscious information at any point in time. Around the holidays, that hard drive space is dedicated to the long naughty and nice list you’ve crafted over 2017. So much brainpower was consumed staying away from scheduling conflicts you may start to believe that shelf-dwelling elf is a sinister North Pole spy. Though many of us enjoy the season, the holidays are hectic. Throw a move on top of everything, and you have a recipe for misremembered activities and nonexistent gifts. It can feel like, at a moment’s notice, Christmas will fall into disarray.

You are a unique and inspiring individual. You’re not bound by the petty seasons or that oh so horrible absence of heat. The move is coming. It just so happens that this huge change in your life is taking place when the days are short, and the freezing wind shows no mercy. Though it may not be the best situation you could find yourself, it certainly beats making cardboard box towers with a heat index of 120 degrees.

Simply put, in South Carolina we like to move at our own pace. Is this pace fast enough to generate heat that will

The technological age has given birth to a new type of relationship: the close bond between human being and the robotic devices that give us happiness, entertainment and lifestyle simplicity. Our devices have become honorary kids in our family, as we nurture them, tend to them, and straight up deny the warranty at purchase because you are confident in your parenting expertise. The TV, Roku, game system, and your phone all take a special place lodged in your heart next to those special human children (one of them goes by Jim, you think?).

It’s easy to let the moving process get

There is nothing that fills a South Carolinian with more childlike wonder and overwhelming anxiety than a good snow storm. It seems like the perfect weather to just cut off the rest of the world by staying inside under a blanket or a makeshift cushion fort (password protected. For the yetis). The fear that many citizens have concerning snow has become a bit of a joke among South Carolinians and out-of-staters alike, so some may tend to cut corners when it comes to safety measures. Actions that require just a bit more mindfulness could be glozed over to the misfortune

The moving process is like a complicated machine. There are many working parts that run independently, but contribute to the whole. With your superior moving expertise (and the Mobile Attic here to streamline), the big stuff is no sweat. Backwards and forwards, through planners you dated and creatively ornamented with floral decorations. The outline of your move is ready and you are set to pull the trigger.

The moving process also has a TON of small screws and hidden gears.  Those pieces could go catapulting through the entire thing. This could turn the move into a nightmare of headaches and broken

 Looking for a comprehensive moving guide? This isn't it, but we'll cover a few things you are sure to miss!

Tend to the hot water heater!

There is absolutely no reason to keep the hot water heater above 120 degrees. You may be the kind of person that wants to boil water in the shower, but I would much rather keep my skin un-melted and save money doing it! If set at a higher temperature, the heater will continue using energy to maintain that temperature until the water molecules give up from exhaustion or the electric company sympathizes with your astronomical bill

Despite what the self-published authors on Amazon would have you believe, there are no definitive, encompassing guides to moving. Nothing will come close to grasping the weird mix of joy, nostalgia, heartache, and stress that is so unique to this life event. This humble blog writer has done his best to give out helpful information, but the thousands and thousands of words aren’t even the tip of the tip of the iceberg , but you need to learn as much as you can about that thing. It will easily sink your ship if you don’t know what you are looking