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The Mobile Attic allows you to pack at your own pace, though when it comes to unpacking you may want to speed through that as quickly as possible. Trust me, the rest of the world is with you but attempting a speedy relocation can be inefficient and, counterintuitively, time consuming. Fortunately, with a bit of direction, you’ll be unpacked and living it up in just a few days.

If you are interested in taking it slow, Mobile Attic respects that. You can keep the container on the property for as long as you like. This guide isn’t necessarily for you; but

Mobile Attic is proud to say that the moving truck is on its way out! It’s classic and nostalgic, so it sticks around some, but the investment (in time and money) towers over portable storage. We have helped thousands of customers come to this realization in South Carolina. When it comes to new things, you may not know what to look for. Fortunately, Mobile Attic wants to help the present and future movers of the world!

If you’re thinking portable storage, keep these questions in mind!

Container construction is important. Some companies have containers made from a tarp, while others trust

Junior League is a charity organization meant to improve the lives of community members through volunteer work. They offer resources for guidance and training aimed at making the members exceptional volunteers, and increasing female representation in civil concerns. You can support the cause by participating in Columbia's February 3rd Clean Sweep. Come to the State Fair grounds for the biggest yard sale you've ever seen.

From their video:

"Clean Sweep features new and used items donated by League members, citizens, and local businesses at affordable prices. Items include handbags, jewelry, books, music, games, children’s toys and clothing, maternity clothing, furniture, home and

The internet age has brought us many wonders: from global interconnectedness to giving young fan fiction writers an outlet to discuss the personality traits of Loki from the Avengers. There is a lot of good stuff out there, though you may start to doubt this if you look at the million [insert popular character here] surgery games in the play store. We have supercomputers literally stuffed into our pockets on a regular basis and I use it to look up movie references, hoping my friends think I’m cool. The point is to provide knowledge in a convenient way, and Mobile

At Mobile Attic, we understand all too well how stressful moving can be for our residential customers. That stress grows exponentially when it comes to commercial moves. There are so many working parts and so much to account for; you may be thinking it would just be easier to grow your hair out, change your name, and perform a one-man xylophone routine in small towns across America. That may sound fulfilling to your wanderlust spirit, but it isn’t realistic (though if you do decide to go this route, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up an animal companion for the extra

It’s safe to say most movers plan to use storage for small stretches of time; maybe a month or two as the move date quickly approaches –and passes like a Mobile Attic truck on the freeway. The storage adventure ends here for most people, but there are outliers that exist in kind of a moving and storage limbo. Maybe the new place isn’t built yet or maybe you’re holding off to save money; your situation is unique, and not without a unique set of challenges. The problem of storage is solved (thanks to Mobile Attic) and with that, we also

It’s safe to say that most people use their garage as a spillover room; a place that accumulates all your extra furniture, random home repair stuff, and the gym equipment you bought with a Christmas themed Amazon gift card. Instead of the port, or entryway, to your home, the garage becomes this extra space that you keep locked away from all but the closest of your guests. The garage doesn’t have to be the containment area for your mountain of consumerism; at Mobile Attic, we have the perfect solution to your storage needs. What are you to do with the

As we go into the winter, we leave behind us the traditional moving season, but why? Is there something about winter that makes us go into our home, fleece blankets in tow, to catch up on those same 12 shows everyone on social media is talking about? The trees and the animals have the same idea (minus the Netflix), as does the once-magnificent sun. Its beautiful in a way; calm, but also kind of sad. Quickly, the winter wonderland of solace becomes a giant blanket of demotivation: itchy and a few inches too short for your feet. If you’re anything

Moving may appear to you like a huge mountain, rough and almost untraversable on this side, but cool, valley breezes on the far side. The important part is not necessarily getting to the top, but getting back down.  You may be tempted to relax after the long and strenuous move. Just as preparing, packing, and executing a move has unexpected pitfalls, your first night in the new home may bring some challenges for which you aren’t prepared. Fear not, fellow mountaineer! Mobile Attic is here, as always, to give you advice on the oft forgotten side of the moving mountain:

The brain can only hold so much conscious information at any point in time. Around the holidays, that hard drive space is dedicated to the long naughty and nice list you’ve crafted over 2017. So much brainpower was consumed staying away from scheduling conflicts you may start to believe that shelf-dwelling elf is a sinister North Pole spy. Though many of us enjoy the season, the holidays are hectic. Throw a move on top of everything, and you have a recipe for misremembered activities and nonexistent gifts. It can feel like, at a moment’s notice, Christmas will fall into disarray.