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When I was a little kid, nothing filled me with such hope and excitement as a well-organized garage sale. The endless possibilities and unpassable bargains burned a hole through my allowance like they were candy and trading cards. The funny thing about yard/garage sales is that you can usually tell if they have good stuff just by a quick glance from the road, or by a short inspection of the advertisements. Sure, you may find something really cool at a less impressive sale, but the water-stained boxes and rusted chairs will probably make you second guess the entire affair. Fortunately,

Mother Nature is flip-flopping, not willing to commit to one season (to the horror of our poor plants). As the jackets go on sale and your lungs cling on for dear life through clouds of endless pollen, you may recognize it as that springtime mood. The season is a time of rebirth; You, being the festive sort, may want to show spring in all its glory by demonstrating this rebirth in your own home! After rearranging your closet (so that the shorts and radical graphic tees are up front) and doing a little spring cleaning (possibly with the help of

We’ve been hit a few times, but with nature finally giving the plants an opportunity to wake up (and stay up), another pollen attack is almost definitely on the horizon. I suppose there must be some tradeoff for the beautiful weather and scenery, and that comes in the form of microscopic foreign bodies that hit that panic button to your immune system. With all the dangerous and terrifying stuff in the world, it is ridiculous that we are so burdened by such a common occurrence.

We should either accept that it is just an inconvenient aspect of life or (more likely)

Sometimes a small lifestyle change is important for our sanity. Everyone knows that one person who eats the same ham and cheese sandwich each day, watches the same Netflix show after work for at least three hours, and grumbles about the same back pain that has been inconveniencing their sleep for a decade. If you’re one of these individuals, you may not want to jump full force into some great lifestyle change, like becoming a romanticized vagabond that hitchhikes and plays the sitar on cargo trains across America. Enter the complicated (and not so complicated) journey for the perfect color

Moving can be a hard lesson on preparedness; even with all that planning, you must learn how to roll with the punches (and you’ve spent all this time boxing so there isn’t anything to worry about). This idea is so perfectly embodied through the handy tool known to moving sages as the ‘first night’ box. “Sounds great,” I’m sure you ask, “now what aisle can I find it on?”

The aisle in your heart, of course.

This level of preparedness doesn’t exist in stores (but if you call now we can get it to you with a snazzy cooler and $5 off

Home and garden conventions are about celebrating everyday living, survival, and nature taming –and that’s pretty cool. Even better, the most popular home and garden convention is back this weekend to provide you with connections, knowledge, and skills you can use to create your ideal living space. Whether you are looking for a trustworthy company for your next project, or you’re a do-it-yourselfer with an itch for refining your technique, the Southern Home and Garden Show will have something for you!

The greatest benefit you’ll get from attending is the gallons and gallons of inspiration. Located in the TD Convention Center,

This winter, the Palmetto state caught a bad case of the wind and rainys. That kind of variable could make an already complicated move that much more difficult to handle. Light drizzles are one thing, but in the past months, rain has come down in buckets to the delight of plants and natural water sources. Unfortunately, this is more of an inconvenience to us. Sometimes, you may be pushed to move in not-so-ideal conditions. For those moments, allow me to share some tips on successfully moving during a downpour. Zip up the jacket and heat up some cider in the

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, moving can be a dangerous task. Not like swimming overnight off the coast of the Australian outback dangerous, but it’s not exactly unlike that either. We are not quite at the age where we can make robots tote around our jam-packed boxes, so we’ll have to improvise –or do it the old-fashioned way, I suppose. Think of it like you would the cautionary lessons in Science class where the teacher would spend two hours trying to get you to wear safety goggles. After your entire school career, I bet you still

You may be wondering why this list doesn’t say “top 100 reasons to love Mobile Attic.” I appreciate your enthusiasm, and I could write a 15-volume work on the merits of Mobile Attic-brand portable storage, but the blog post is a limiting medium. In 600 words or less, I want to spread the love to both you and the google bots that crawl our page for original content (machines need love too).  For movers already initiated into the family, take a moment to think about how love is unhindered by a move. It may not feel that way sometimes, but

The Mobile Attic allows you to pack at your own pace, though when it comes to unpacking you may want to speed through that as quickly as possible. Trust me, the rest of the world is with you but attempting a speedy relocation can be inefficient and, counterintuitively, time consuming. Fortunately, with a bit of direction, you’ll be unpacked and living it up in just a few days.

If you are interested in taking it slow, Mobile Attic respects that. You can keep the container on the property for as long as you like. This guide isn’t necessarily for you; but